Snowshoeing Race Season Concludes with Record Wins for Team Atlas

Atlas Snow-Shoe Company Congratulates 2018 Snowshoe Race Athletes
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SEATTLE, WASH. - March 21, 2018 


SEATTLE, Wash. (March 21, 2018) – Snowshoe running is one of the most extreme endurance sports to take place during winter, and the athletes that crave the challenge of running 5 and 10k’s on snow at below-freezing temperatures have helped catapult this sport into a rapidly growing competition category. Seattle-based Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is inspired by the competitors that not only continue to push snowshoe racing forward, but also help bring awareness to new and exciting ways for people to enjoy the outdoors.

“It may sound extreme, but snowshoe runners have found an athletic passion that allows them to continue practicing their favorite sport year-round,” commented Jill Nazeer, Marketing Specialist for Atlas. “Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is beyond proud to support these athletes. They are inspiring individuals that help advocate for accessible winter sports.”

Atlas Snow-Shoe Company would like to congratulate the members of Team Atlas that pursued snowshoe racing this winter, with special gratitude and notoriety to the following:

• Emily Renner

o Snowshoe Nationals – 2nd place female

o Beaver Creek 5k – Overall winner

o Beaver Creek 5k – 1st place female

o Sourdough 11.4 Miller – 1st place female

• Cheryl Paulson

o Eldora Nighthawks Run – 2nd place female

o Susan G. Komen Snowshoe for a Cure – Overall winner

• Brandy Erholtz

o Beaver Creek 10k – 1st place (race 1)

• Peter Fain

o Frozen Gnome 10k – 1st place and Race Director

• Geoffrey Roes

o Sasquatch Scramble 5k – 1st place

• Jake Felton

o Snowshoe Scurry #2 10k – 2nd place overall

o Powder Keg 10k – 3rd place overall

o Snowshoe Scurry #5 5k – 2nd place overall

Team Atlas members raced and trained in the Run and Race snowshoes, providing the ultimate competitive edge in race conditions thanks to a low profile, lightweight design and precision fit that keeps athletes running faster and farther. For more information on Atlas Snowhoe-Compnay, please visit:

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