Skratch Labs Answers the Call for Caffeinated Hydration

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Skratch Labs Answers the Call for Caffeinated Hydration

Customers asked and Skratch Labs answered by creating a caffeinated, all-natural lemon and whole-leaf matcha tea flavor.

Boulder, CO (September 4, 2014) – Skratch Labs recently began delivering a much-anticipated new flavor and formula. The Matcha + Lemons flavor quickly became the house favorite and is gaining ground as more people can get their hands on it.

Whole leaf matcha green tea and real lemons are what make the difference. The new super yummy flavor with antioxidants and natural caffeine provides a delicious way to hydrate, stay focused and perform at top levels.

"The benefits of a little caffeine and antioxidants in the whole leaf matcha answer requests we have been getting for a while," says Jay Peery, VP of Sales. "Being hydrated when you need it and having a little natural boost, clarity and awesome flavor in your bottle is the ticket for being at your best. It's no surprise that this formula is quickly becoming a top seller."

Skratch Labs Matcha + Lemons is available now online or at select retailers.

About Skratch Labs

Founded on the philosophy that real food is the best source of nourishment, Skratch Labs has revolutionized the way people think about hydration and its role in human performance. Using science and real world practice, Skratch Labs has created a range of real fruit hydration drink mixes serving human needs from sport to medical. Skratch Labs’ hydration drink mixes taste great and optimize performance and well-being.