New K2 Vortech™ Skate Design Keeps Feet Cool

Innovative Vortech Ventilation System eliminates moisture for a comfortable ride
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SEATTLE (January 15, 2012)- K2 Skates, a global leader in the manufacturing of inline skates, introduces a new design technology to keep your feet cool and comfortable no matter where your skates take you: the Vortech Ventilation System.

The revolutionary Vortech design features a three-part ventilation system that channels air through the base, footbed, and upper for increased breathability and comfort. It’s a design philosophy with one objective – eliminating the moisture that leads to sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Featured on all six of K2’s new X-Training Skates, the Vortech design brings ultralight, supersonic performance for a fresh, cool skate experience unlike any other.


·The Vortech Upper: Designed to provide support and breathability, the upper features sections of mesh that allow heat and moisture to easy move away from the foot. The upper also contains a perforated lasting board to work in harmony with the Vortech footbed, creating an optimal system to keep feet cool and dry.

·The Vortech Footbed: This fully-perforated, antimicrobial footbed pulls the moisture from your feet down into the vapor channels of the Vortech base, eliminating any excess moisture from pooling in the bottom of the skates.

·The Vortech Base: The sculpted base features seven air intake vents, exhaust vents and vapor channels that run from toe to heel. This design forces air through the intake vents, then channels the air towards the heel of the skate, where heat and moisture escape through the exhaust vents.

New for Spring 2013, the VO2 Max 100 Boa (MSRP $325) and the VO2 Max 100 (MSRP $275)both feature the Vortech Ventilation System, making them just as comfortable on the trail for training sessions as they are for competing in skate marathons. They are the end result of combining the proprietary K2 Original Softboot™ with the revolutionary Vortech design and the best bearings and biggest wheel set up in the X-Training line. They are the perfect choice for skaters interested in generating the speeds of a training skate, without giving up the support found in a fitness skate.

Also designed with the Vortech Ventilation System, the VO2 Max 90 Boa Men’s and Women’s (MSRP $300), and VO2 Max 90 Men’s and Women’s (MSRP $255) bring new options to the K2 Skate X-Training category. These skates use the same intricate pattern of vents, channels and exhaust to minimize moisture in the skate and liner, keeping the overall weight of the skate supremely light. A longer VO2.2 frame delivers maximum power transfer, and the VO2 cuff is sculpted to provide support where it’s needed without the excess weight. K2’s Speed Lacing and Boa® Closure System will have you in and out of the skates in a flash, while 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings create a fast and smooth roll.

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About K2 Skates

K2 revolutionized the inline skate industry in 1994 with the introduction of the first Softboot inline skates. Developed in partnership with U.S. National Cross Country team member John Svensson and U.S. Olympic speed skater Tony Meibock, the K2 Softboot moved beyond the uncomfortable, plastic-style designs that dominated the market. K2’s patented design provided skaters with the precision and accuracy of a hardshell boot, but in a comfortable, lightweight softboot design. Almost 20 years later and expanded to a full model line of men’s, women’s, and children’s inline skates for everything from family recreation to everyday fitness and professional competition, the Softboot design is still the foundation of the K2 Skates line. Often imitated, but never duplicated, K2 is the Original Softboot™ that continues to push the envelope of inline skate innovation. For more information on K2 Skates products, technology, and stories, please visit