K2 Sports’ New Goggle Line Hits Stores in September

Premier K2 Goggle Collection features Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision.

SEATTLE (August 21, 2012) – K2 Sports, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is introducing the company’s premier goggle collection for the 2012/2013 ski season. Designed with style, performance, and compatibility in mind, the new line features three models for men: the PhotoKinetic, PhotoPhase, and PhotoMetric, and two women’s specific models: the Captura and Sira. The K2 Goggle collection offers a diverse range of exclusive Optics byCarl Zeiss Vision lenses, a world-renowned leader in performance optics.

Ensuring only the highest quality components, K2 selected Zeiss for theirproprietary coatings and lens colors. Notably, the goggles are all treated with an exclusive hydrophobic vacuum Ri-Pel® coating, which minimizes scratching and smudging, while also repelling residue from water, sweat, or fingerprints, to enhance overall visibility.

Additionally, three distinct Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lens categories will be offered in the collection: Octic and Tripic mirrored lenses and Biopic non-mirrored lenses. The flagship Octic Mirror lenses incorporate an eight-layer dielectric mirror technology combined with a bold base color to deliver a diverse range of high-performance mirrored lens tints, designed to balance out harsh sunlight and glare or enhance vision during low-light conditions.

To enhance overall performance and fit, each K2 goggle was developed around the shape and features of the human eye, through an ocular-based frame design. This process, coupled with the pantoscopic angle of each frame, maximizes field of vision by minimizing the presence of the frame in the rider’s sight. Combined with spherical lenses and plush, two-layer, fleece-lined face foam, K2 goggles deliver unparalleled performance.

K2 Goggles are engineered for optimal compatibility with all K2 helmets. The custom developed helmet-driven topline design of each goggle frame ensures maximum frame fit and ventilation with all K2 and competitor’s helmets.

SRP’s for the PhotoKinetic and Captura range from $110 for the Tripic Mirror lenses to $125 for the Octic Mirror lenses. The PhotoPhase and Sira are $100-$110 and the PhotoMetric ranges from $80-$90. For a full overview of the 2012/2013 K2 Goggles line, please visit http://www.k2goggles.com.

About K2 Sports

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