K2 Skates & Boa® Closure System Combine for Fitness Skate Series

K2 Skates & Boa® Closure System Combine Performance and Ease for Fitness Skate Series.

SEATTLE (September 25, 2012) - K2 Skates, a global leader in the manufacturing of inline skates and the inventor of the Original Softboot™ inline skate, brings the perfect combination of performance and comfort for the fitness skate category with its redesigned F.I.T 84 Boa and Alexis 84 Boa skates. Using the innovative Boa® Closure System, the new F.I.T 84 Boa and Alexis 84 Boa are the best-engineered fitness skates ever produced by K2.

Years of product design and testing have produced numerous unique closure systems for K2, but nothing matches the ease, simplicity, and superior fit of the Boa® Closure System. The integration of Boa® into K2’s Original Softboot™ design provides the ultimate in smooth, even support and comfort, allowing the skater to adjust his or her skates on the fly with its “easy-on, easy-off” design. Boa® has revolutionized K2 skate fit and design and creates a new standard for what is considered “best in class” for inline skate design.

With the Boa® Closure System, you can forget about pressure points and laces. But beyond the simple closure, the men’s F.I.T. 84 Boa (MSRP $225) and women’s Alexis 84 Boa(MSRP $225) feature an unparalleled design combination use Die Cast Aluminum frames and Stability Plus cuffs to create the support and stability needed by the speeds generated by ILQ-7 bearings and 84 mm wheels. Get fit, and discover the next level in your skating!

Available at retail nationwide and online in Spring 2013. For more information, check out www.k2skates.com.

About K2 Skates

K2 revolutionized the inline skate industry in 1994 with the introduction of the first Softboot inline skates. Developed in partnership with U.S. National Cross Country team member John Svensson and U.S. Olympic speed skater Tony Meibock, the K2 Softboot moved beyond the uncomfortable, plastic-style designs that dominated the market. K2’s patented design provided skaters with the precision and accuracy of a hardshell boot, but in a comfortable, lightweight softboot design. Almost 20 years later and expanded to a full model line of men’s, women’s, and children’s inline skates for everything from family recreation to everyday fitness and professional competition, the Softboot design is still the foundation of the K2 Skates line. Often imitated, but never duplicated, K2 is the Original Softboot™ that continues to push the envelope of inline skate innovation. For more information on K2 Skates products, technology, and stories, please visit www.k2skates.com.