Native Eyewear Introduces SnowTuned Lenses For 2016-17 Goggle Collection


Denver, Colo. (Feb. 24, 2016) —Gear up for winter with Native Eyewear’s new collection of snow goggles, built to handle the changing light conditions for backcountry enthusiasts. Featuring lenses specifically engineered for winter conditions, all Native goggles come with SnowTuned technology that offers color enhancing filtration and high-efficiency anti-fog mechanisms.

Made from multiple layers of injection molding and applications via vacuum deposition, the lenses are more durable than those made from the standard dipped application process. This ensures that the technology performs at its highest potential for the longest possible lifespan, withstanding wear and tear as a backcountry essential.

With MSRP starting around $129, the ski goggles are backed with a lifetime warranty and will be available to consumers in August. 

“Native’s SnowTuned lenses feature a proprietary engineered lens technology that was derived specifically for winter sports, providing the ultimate mountain experience for all outdoor winter enthusiasts,” said John Sanchez, General Manager at Native Eyewear. “Our products are backcountry tested with refined color enhancing, glare reducing and contrast enhancing features as well as super anti-fog coating.”

Native also offers a photochromic lens option called SnowTuned React, which sets a new standard for light reaction time. With a 10-35% VLT rate, it boasts a faster response time from light to dark and everything in between.

Additionally, select styles are interchangeable and the following models will come with an additional low light lens:

  • Coldfront
  • Tank-7
  • Tenmile
  • Upslope

Double spherical lenses are featured in the Backbowl, Tank-7 and Upslope and double cylindrical lenses in the Coldfront, Tenmile and Treeline.

Anti-Fog Mechanisms

Also incorporatedin the SnowTuned technology is the all-new Super Anti-Fog Coating. As the surface temperatures of both interior and exterior lenses begin to adjust to changing conditions, Native’s are the first to delay condensation up to eight minutes, compared to the industry standard of 30 seconds.

Superior Comfort

Thetapered nasal fit and hypoallergenic, fluted face foam enhance airflow even further, providing maximum comfort and clarity in every outdoor adventure. Goggle frames are made out of a light, bio-based castor resin material that withstands a greater heat index without warping.

When Life Happens

Accidents are bound to happen, and that’s why Native Eyewear offers a premier lifetime warranty. Whatever the reason, replacements are guaranteed for a flat fee with no questions asked, $40 for SnowTuned lenses and $70 for SnowTuned photochromic lenses.

About Native Eyewear: To live in the spirit of Native is to live the life you want to live – not the one you have to live. It’s pursuing your adventures with the best gear, the right companions, and a free spirit, tempered only by an enduring respect for the world that is your playground. Learn more about Native Eyewear at



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