Backcountry Adventure & Safety Tips from Native Eyewear Snow Ambassadors


Denver, Colo. (Feb. 24, 2016) — After unveiling it’s new line of 2016-17 snow goggles designed specifically for backcountry enthusiasts, Native Eyewear is pleased to announce its partnership with three new brand ambassadors, Rob Aseltine (professional skier), Romi Kristal (professional split boarder) and Iris Lazzareschi (professional split boarder).

“As a backcountry positioned brand, Native Eyewear has the responsibility to educate our consumer base around safety for backcountry terrain,” said Kate Heckman, Director of Marketing at Native Eyewear. “Not only are our brand ambassadors helping to test product and provide feedback leading up to the official August product launch, but they are serving as safety advocates in the backcountry.”

Aseltine, Native’s first brand ambassador, skis professionally around the globe exploring new terrain, yurts, lodges and communities tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, also promoting avalanche safety with a focus on terrain navigation. He shared some insights about his experience with the Native goggles, which feature an all-new SnowTuned technology and Super Anti-Fog Coating, and compiled five of his best backcountry tips and tricks for newcomers and professionals alike.

1. Get Educated and Get Certified

“My number one piece of advice for anyone getting involved in the backcountry is to get the proper training and certification before going,” he explains. A level one class will cover the basics, and unless you’re out in the backcountry a lot, he suggests taking a course once every year to stay in tune with best practices. For more avid backcountry adventurers, level two and three classes cover more in-depth snow science topics.

2. Bring A Partner

Second in line to the education piece is to bring a trusted partner along. Aseltine emphasized that it’s important to not just bring any friend, but someone who is also experienced and knowledgeable. “There’s no ski patrol out there; you only have each other,” he said. “If you and your partner can trust each other and know your surroundings you’re set up for success.”

3. Pack The Essentials

When packing for a backcountry trip, it’s important to only pack the essentials. “Bring just what you need, nothing that you don’t,” Aseltine said, which is why having the right gear is so critical. “If you can only pack one pair of goggles for the entire week, Native’s SnowTuned photochromic lenses do the trick. They won’t fog when you’re working hard and they’re great in all light conditions.”

Aseltine also carries avalanche safety essentials including a beacon, shovel and probe, skins, ski straps, duct tape or hockey tape, bungee cords, carabineer, first-aid kit, portable phone charger, a dry pair of gloves and socks, hat, micro jacket and plenty of water.

4. Plan a Yurt Trip

“I recommend that everyone goes on a yurt trip at least once in their life,” Aseltine said. “It’s the most authentic and personal experience out there that amplifies your connection to nature, taking you off the grid and allowing you to disconnect from technology.”

5. Capture The Moment

Aseltine’s final backcountry tip is to bring a camera. “Backcountry experiences are something special, and you’re going to want to capture the memories you make,” he said. “There’s nothing quite like being there, but I love having my pictures to look back on and reminisce.”

Native understands that the world is your playground and that backcountry skiing redefines boundaries, but also that safety and education is an important aspect of the adventure. To learn more about Native Eyewear visit

About Native Eyewear: To live in the spirit of Native is to live the life you want to live – not the one you have to live. It’s pursuing your adventures with the best gear, the right companions, and a free spirit, tempered only by an enduring respect for the world that is your playground. Learn more about Native Eyewear at



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