LEKI Introduces the Innnovative Trigger S Vertical Grip System for Alpine Touring


BUFFALO, NY - LEKI is proud to announce the new Trigger S Vertical grip system designed specifically for alpine touring (AT) for the 16/17 season. LEKI’s revolutionary Trigger S grip system, the first “ski pole binding” system in the world, set a precedent for technology and innovation in ski poles back in 2007. Skiers literally click in and out of the grip with one simple hand movement. The next generation Trigger S Vertical technology centers around the Flexband, an elastic band which enables variable gripping without having to click out of the grip. This allows the pole to remain firmly connected to the hand with optimal power transmission on top of the pole for palming: ideal for alpine touring and skinning up.

Another feature of the Trigger S Vertical system is the Choke Hook, consisting of a separate sleeve that is attached to the pole via a designated hook into which the Trigger strap/glove clips, allowing for choke-up on the grip for traverses or quick, steep pitch changes. The Trigger S Vertical grip system is available on four models next season: Tour Stick Vario Carbon, Aergon 3, Aergon 2 and Aergonlite 2.

“The new Vertical system now completes the integration of a Trigger grip strap mechanism into almost all LEKI product categories: including alpine; Nordic; trail running; and now backcountry/AT. While this was not an original goal, the more we worked with the Trigger system the more we have been able to realize and apply the combination of performance, comfort and convenience to more outdoor pursuits,” said Greg Wozer, VP of LEKI USA. “The Trigger concept itself has benefited from the refinement of the mechanism and function with each new category added. It’s exciting to see how far LEKI has come in terms of technology and innovation, and meeting the needs of each group of users.”

The new Trigger S Vertical system also features a line of compatible lightweight gloves that incorporates the Dynema connection loop within the gloves, but also adds the Flexband located between the loop and the back of the hand. One of the hero products in this new glove line is the Tour Plus S, which features an integrated outer waterproof shell that is sewn into the neoprene cuff and easily pulls out to slip over the fingers of the glove when extra protection from the elements is needed, allowing the glove to remain fully breathable yet waterproof. The forefinger and thumb can move freely thanks to the lobster shape, and the palms are partially coated with silicone for optimum grip.

Visit the LEKI booth at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2016 #30019E to view the new line. 

About LEKI

Founded in 1948, LEKI is a leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles and gloves, and its latest addition of folding camp chairs. LEKI products are German engineered with a majority of the products being made in the company's Czech Republic factory. This in conjunction with extensive research and independent testing make the best products featuring quality, value and technology. LEKI USA, Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the sole North American distributor of LEKI brand Skiing, Trekking, and Nordic Walking poles and gloves, and folding camp chairs. For more information please visit www.LEKI.com or call 800.255.9982.