LEKI Collaborates with Grivel to Offer Condor Grip on Backcountry Poles


Leading pole manufacturer LEKI has entered into a cooperative agreement with Grivel to use the Grivel Condor self-arrest retractable ice pick grip on the popular LEKI Aergon 2 backcountry poles. Responding to consumer demand for a well-designed, high performing self-arrest pole that can double as touring poles, LEKI chose Grivel’s Condor grip because of the ability to retract the pick within the incorporated knuckle guard handle for added security and comfort. This is the first and only system that provides this unique feature for ski mountaineers maneuvering backcountry chutes and non-technical glaciers.


Unlike other self-arrest poles, the LEKI Aergon 2 Condor poles are sold as a pair: one pole features the Condor grip, the other pole features LEKI’s Aergon Thermo Tour Grip with extended length to choke up on the grip. The poles feature two sections of high tensile strength aluminum that are adjustable from 110-150 cm using LEKI’s SpeedLock 2, the strongest external pole locking system on the market.

Professional Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich has been a strong advocate for LEKI to design a self-arrest pole and she’s excited to see it finally come to fruition. “The Condor is an indispensable piece of equipment for both the recreational backcountry enthusiast and the experienced ski mountaineer, and LEKI has designed the ultimate backcountry pole featuring the Condor grip that is both comfortable and easy to use, and allows for more versatility and safety. In Chamonix, it saved my life. I was able to prevent a minor slip from becoming an unstoppable fall. I've used the poles on ski mountaineering expeditions all over the world, and it gives me an extra piece of mind when I'm climbing and skiing steep couloirs and faces.”

LEKI athlete and professional ski base jumper Matthias Giraud added, “Accessing your ice tool easily in a technical section is a necessity as well as skiing with it safely. The Aergon 2 Condor is the ultimate all-in-one ski mountaineering pole that can be used in mixed touring conditions to glacier travel.”

The LEKI Aergon 2 Condor poles will be available to consumers starting this fall 2016 with a suggested retail price of $149. https://www.leki.com/us/

About LEKI

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