Jillian Avey Promoted to Vice President of Marketing for Propét USA

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Jillian Avey Promoted to Vice President of Marketing for Propét USA 

Auburn, WA (July 17,2014) - Propét, designers and manufacturers of footwear focused on comfort, style, fit and performance, announces the promotion of Jillian Avey to Vice President of Marketing for Propét USA.

“Jill’s experience and creativity have elevated the Propét brand to a new level,” says Jack Krajnak, Propét USA President. “Our opportunity to grow as a brand is evident and we are excited to have her as part of the executive team leading our brand.”

Propét recently launched an innovative new product line, developed in collaboration with its first podiatric advisor, renowned foot and ankle surgeon, Harold D. Schoenhaus, DPM, FACFAS. This new product line, along with the success of its TravelWalker and Flyaway series, has helped propelled the growth of the company in the last several years.

“We have been focused on ensuring the evolution of the Propét brand image and the entire product line for the last few years—and have been really pleased with the progress we’ve made to date,” says Avey. “I’m especially excited about the opportunity to partner more closely with our dealers to continue the growth we’ve been experiencing.

Avey began as Marketing Manager at Propét USA in 2011 and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. She previously worked as Marketing and Business Development Director for Revision Eyewear, Senior Global Marketing Manager for Timberland and as the Marketing Director for Montrail. 

About Propét, USA

Since its humble beginnings in 1985, Propét has been driven by a mission to offer quality footwear for feet with special needs, such as wide widths, large and small sizes and foot ailments. Propét is well known for its TravelWalker collection of shoes— which are popular for their comfort and versatility – and its Propét Preferred line of therapeutic footcare products, designed for feet with special needs such as foot ailments and diabetic foot care. Working with podiatric advisors, Propét has developed the patent-pending Rejuve™ footwear styles to bring revolutionary technology to footcare. The Rejuve Motion Technology™ ( works by enhancing the natural gait, which allows the foot to function normally and helps to alleviate foot and lower body pain.