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Heli-Ski US Announces 2015 Dates for Mechanized Guide School


Heli-Ski US (HSUS), a Utah nonprofit corporation whose members represent the best helicopter skiing operators in the country, announces its first ever mechanized guide school. Dates and venues for the 2015 HSUS guide school are: Ruby Mountain Heli Ski, Nevada, January 21-26, 2015 and Points North Heli-Adventures Inc., Alaska, February 28-March 7, 2015.

“Providing the highest quality of guide training, based on standardized operating and safety procedures, is one of the most important measures HSUS can do to ensure the future of helicopter skiing in the United States,” explains Tait Wardlaw, HSUS board member and general manager of Chugach Powder Guides.

HSUS 2015 mechanized guide school will include the following curriculum:

• Guide responsibilities
• Base and Flight Deck Operations
• The Helicopter
• The Snowcat and Snow Machine
• Client Care and Relations
• Field Operations – Top down guiding in either a faceted or maritime snow pack
• Rescue – Industrial rigging for rescue – Ropeworks

The course will be offered to twelve students only. It requires that participants hold a valid level 2 snow certification and are AAI/AIARE medical current with respective EMT, WFR or OEC certifications. Course instructors include: Joe Royer of Ruby Mountain Heli-Skiing, Kevin Quinn of Points North Heli-Adventures, Lel Tone of Chugach Powder Guides, Kent McBride IFMGA, Colin Zacharias ACMG/IFMGA and Dave Nettle of Ropeworks.

“The strongest badge of responsibility a helicopter operation owner has is to provide quality training for its guides,” comments Kevin Quinn, HSUS president. “Our mechanized guide school will offer over 277 combined years of experience to students entering the program. This is a critical step to raising the standards of helicopter guide training across the industry.”

The cost of the course is $5,250. This includes all lodging, meals and helicopter time at both locations. Students will leave the course with a Heli-Ski U.S. Level 1 certification of mechanized ski guiding. For more details please visit http://heliskius.org/education-courses/heliski-us-mechanized-guide-school/.

Heli-Ski US Association was formalized as a 501C corporation in 1981 to provide a more formal approach to the development of standards and protocols for helicopter skiing activities within the US. For more information on HSUS and partner operators visit www.heliskius.org