HANAH Shakes Up the Food Supplement Industry

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The company focuses on quality ingredients and production to deliver products that provide noticeable results

VENICE, Calif. – February 22, 2017 – HANAH, the creator of the Ayurvedic superfood HANAH ONE, is making waves in the food supplement industry by constantly looking for new ways to improve performance and overall health and by being passionate about the advancement of food as medicine.

“We are very unique and differentiated in the way we think through each step of our sourcing, harvesting, and production process,” said HANAH founder and CEO Joel Einhorn. “Knowing the exact origin of every ingredient, from the hillside where each herb is wild-harvested to the ghee from our own Vechur cows, ensures our product efficacy and quality is unparalleled. We also support local jobs, communities, and traditions — a key part of our mission at HANAH.”

HANAH was founded by Einhorn, a triathlete and fitness junkie who was involved in a biking accident that left him with extreme headaches and shoulder pain, which made it nearly impossible to sleep or concentrate. After exhausting everything modern medicine had to offer, Einhorn turned to ancient Ayurvedic solutions that resulted in a full recovery in record time. Einhorn, and many of his friends, were sold. As a result, the first jar of HANAH ONE was created. Entering 2017, HANAH is preparing to expand its mission by bringing additional products to market to enhance well-being and health, while staying true to its core mission.

“It’s important that our customers understand that HANAH ONE, our first product, is just the beginning — there is much more to come. Our mission is to understand and preserve ancient wisdom and remedies from around the world and to apply them to our modern lives — lives that are busy, if not hectic at times,” said Einhorn.

“I feel that all of us at HANAH are aiming to provide products that are pure in ingredients, honest in manufacturing practices, and that provide noticeable results. It sounds easy, and a lot of companies make similar claims, but after years of experimentation, I’ve found these qualities to be extremely hard to find in the food supplement industry. That’s a big part of the reason we launched HANAH,” said JR Smith, HANAH co-founder, entrepreneur, and former CEO of AVG Technologies (NYSE:AVG).

HANAH devotees include professional climber, mountaineer, skier, director and photographer Jimmy Chin, professional snowboarders Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones, pro surfers Ian Walsh and Otto Flores, Professor Dr. Blaise Aguirre, yoga instructor and guitarist Bibi McGill, and a host of other pro athletes, wellness coaches, yogis, and chefs.


HANAH maintains ancient medical traditions and adapts them into products for modern living. Our team is focused on locating and harvesting the highest quality natural ingredients and manufacturing them in a way that preserves their maximum health benefits. By doing this, we deliver products that have noticeable results. That’s our promise.

Our first product, HANAH ONE, is an Ayurvedic superfood taken daily. Our customers commonly state that it strengthens their immune system as well as improves their focus and mental clarity. Based on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic tradition, HANAH ONE contains 30 wild-harvested herbs and superfruits in a base of honey, ghee, and sesame oil. HANAH ONE is an artisanal product that is free of gluten, caffeine, lactose, and GMO’s, and is handcrafted in India to create and preserve local traditions, jobs, and the community.

HANAH was founded in 2015 by Joel Einhorn, triathlete and entrepreneur, and JR Smith, tech entrepreneur, board member of the Quickstep Pro Cycling Team, and former CEO of AVG Technologies (NYSE:AVG).

To learn more about HANAH, please visit www.hanahlife.com.


Byron Pittam, HANAH Marketing & PR

byron@hanahlife.com or +14042169676