eVent® fabrics Teams Up with Alé to Sponsor Alé La Merckx Granfondo Verona


eVent® fabrics Teams Up with Alé to Sponsor the Alé La Merckx Granfondo Verona on June 12th
Two thousand cyclists will receive an Alé jacket made with eVent waterproof technology

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Overland Park, Kansas, USA—eVent® fabrics (http://www.eventfabrics.com) is pleased to announced it will sponsor the 10th annual Alé La Merckx Granfondo Verona 2016 (http://www.alelamerckx.com/en/), which will take place on June 12th in Verona, Italy. The sponsorship—which gives every participant an all-weather, waterproof Alé jacket made with eVent—supports eVent’s customer Alé (http://www.alebikewear.com), a leading Italian producer of technical cycling apparel. Two thousand cyclists are expected to take part in Verona, which, according to the Granfondo website, is “the city of lovers. Cycling lovers, of course.”

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Alé and eVent fabrics teamed up to create a jacket that is as lightweight and packable as possible so that the Granfondo cyclists can easily carry it or wear it during the event. The jackets are 100 percent waterproof and windproof and offer the added benefit of air permeability to dissipate body heat and sweat that’s generated during high-intensity cycling. Taped seams further guarantee that riders will stay protected from wind and rain.

This year’s Alé la Merckx Granfondo—relocated to Verona to accommodate its growth in popularity—is 139 kilometers long and challenges riders with approximately 2,500 meters of climbing. A mediofondo course covers 85 kilometers and 1,250 meters of elevation change. Dedicated to and named after famed Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx, organizers inspire cyclists with the question “Are you Eddy?” Merckx, who is considered one of the greatest cyclists of all time, won 11 Grand Tours, including five Tour de France titles, five Giro d’Italia titles and the Vuelta a Espana during his 13 years in professional cycling.

“We are very excited to be a part of this storied cycling event and to outfit every rider with a premium cycling jacket,” says Chad Kelly, Director of Sales and Product Line for eVent fabrics. “And if it happens to rain on June 12th, no worries. The riders will be ready and comfortable in these Alé jackets.”

The technology used in the Alé jackets is DValpine™, from eVent fabrics’ patented line of ‘Direct Venting™’ (DV) waterproof and air permeable membranes. These air permeable membranes have billions of tiny open pores that allow heat and moisture vapor (sweat) inside the jacket to escape in vapor form. Yet the pores in the membrane are too small to let water pass through from the outside, so the membrane is waterproof, and will keep the wearer dry from rain and wet conditions.

Alé is one of more than 20 international cycling brands that use eVent waterproof and windproof technologies in their high performance cycling apparel and accessories.

About eVent® fabrics and eVent membrane technology
Since 1999, eVent fabrics have set the standard for truly air permeable and waterproof membranes in textiles. The technology used to create eVent membranes was invented in the 1990s to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems and give superior protection to industrial machinery. eVent fabrics—found in outdoor, winter sports, cycling and professional apparel and footwear—were the first air permeable and waterproof performance fabrics on the market that let the sweat out™ through Direct Venting™ technology. CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures eVent membranes and fabrics, collaborating with worldwide suppliers to offer a broad selection of waterproof, windproof and protective textiles to companies that create apparel, footwear, shelter and accessories. For more information, follow eVent on Facebook or Twitter and visit eventfabrics.com.

About Alé
Alé is a true “100% Made in Italy” brand that creates high quality clothing for cycling enthusiasts. The Verona, Italy-based manufacturer is obsessive about craftsmanship, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure functionality, comfort and the best performance possible. More information can be found at www.alebikewear.com.