High stretch fabrics with eVent® ePTFE membrane technology come to market


DVStretch™ innovation the result of collaboration between ITTTAI-Bel Punto S.r.l. and eVent fabrics

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Stretch fabrics made with the patented eVent® membrane technology is coming to the active sportswear market, thanks to a collaboration between Italian textile house ITTTAI-Bel Punto S.r.l. and the team at eVent fabrics.

The pioneering DVStretch™ technology features the eVent ePTFE membrane in laminations that have an unprecedented degree of stretch—finished fabrics can stretch up to 85% and fully recover.

“High stretch with excellent recovery capability has been extremely difficult to achieve with ePTFE,” explains Chad Kelly, Global Product Manager for eVent fabrics. “The hurdle has been in the lamination, and ITTTAI-Bel Punto, with its advanced lamination capabilities, solved this challenging trick.”

According to Kelly, two developments were required to successfully create the high-stretch DVStretch laminates. ITTTAI-Bel Punto created the proprietary lamination process that allows the three-layer laminates to stretch yet retain their elasticity. The eVent fabrics team produced a unique membrane product that would meet the requirements of the lamination process, as well as achieve specific performance benefits.

The new finished fabrics using DVStretch technology are available through Trapuntatura Bel Punto S.r.l.

ITTTAI-Bel Punto’s Alex Fozzato said, “This is an exciting new product introduction for the fabrics industry and the marketplace. We have tested the DVStretch fabrics thoroughly with professional cyclists and they tell us the performance is excellent.”

DVStretch is one of eVent fabrics’ membranes with Direct Venting™ (DV) technology, meaning that the membranes are air permeable and have a porous structure that lets heat and body moisture pass through easily. Additionally, DVStretch is windproof and provides waterproof protection.

According to Kelly, this combination of performance benefits is ideal for aerobically demanding sports that generate a lot of heat and moisture but also require essential protection from wind and wet weather. Uses include cycling, running and Nordic skiing, as well as fast and light trekking or climbing.

Lamination partner ITTTAI-Bel Punto S.r.l. is a well-regarded Italian textile manufacturer with over 25 years experience supplying European fashion brands. Its ITTTAI division (http://www.itttai.com/en/) serves the fitness, snow sports, and outdoor markets with finished laminates using eVent fabrics’ waterproof and windproof technologies.

“Bel Punto’s wealth of experience in fashion gives them the ability to develop stylish but high performing, functional fabrics for cycling and other sports,” says Kelly. “We are excited that, together, we are bringing this stretch film and laminate technology to the market.”

About eVent® membrane technology and eVent fabrics
eVent fabrics, introduced in 1999, were the first air permeable and waterproof performance textiles on the market. The patented Direct Venting™ technology in eVent waterproof fabrics has been lauded for its ability to ‘let the sweat out™’ and enhance the comfort of rainwear and footwear. The technology used in eVent membranes was invented in the 1990s to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems and give superior protection to industrial machinery. CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures the eVent membranes, collaborating with worldwide suppliers to offer textiles to companies that create apparel, footwear, shelter and accessories for the outdoor sporting goods, military and professional markets. For more information, visit www.eventfabrics.com.


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