eVent® fabrics rolls out the next evolution of its brand identity and new iconography at Outdoor Retailer


Outdoor Retailer Summer Market – Booth MR150B
August 6-9th, Salt Lake City, Utah

eVent® fabrics will unveil the next evolution of the eVent brand at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 6th in booth MR150B.

The revitalized logo is the first sign of the brand makeover that is underway for eVent fabrics, and it follows new ownership by CLARCOR Inc. Last December, CLARCOR Inc. acquired the Air Filtration business of General Electric Company’s Power and Water division, to form CLARCOR Industrial Air, which owns eVent fabrics.

“We are excited about the potential of growing eVent as a consumer brand, and we are committed to supporting growth through investments in technology and revitalized, strategic marketing to support our brand partners,” said Keith White, President CLARCOR Industrial Air.

The rebranding initiative will unfold over the next year and will be consumer-facing for Fall 2015.

The new logo retains the signature orange color and features a modern, bold font of the word eVent, with a strong, capital V that emphasizes the word Vent, which is a key product benefit of the air permeable technology found in many eVent membranes. Additionally, a degree symbol (°) next to the word eVent speaks to the climate control benefits of eVent fabrics.

A “degree e” icon has also been created, and three new icons identify the Waterproof, Windproof and Protective categories of products offered by eVent fabrics.

“We are most known for our waterproof technology,” said Chad Kelly, Global Product Manager for eVent fabrics. “But we believe that our Windproof and Protective lines are and will be equally important to our customers. These new symbols give us a platform to communicate about all the products we offer.”

This year, eVent fabrics implemented a framework that differentiates its air permeable Direct Venting™ (DV) membrane technologies in its Waterproof and Windproof categories.

The Waterproof category includes three membrane products. DVAlpine™ is the original membrane technology introduced in 1999. DVStorm™ is a new light membrane that comes to market for Spring 2015 in products from Rab and Montane. DVLite™ is for packable, lightweight and unlined, 2.5-layer rainwear.

In the Windproof category, DVWind™ blocks more than 99% of wind and has high air permeability. DVStretch™ is a brand new product group innovated jointly with ITTTAI-Bel Punto of Italy, and has unprecedented degree of stretch for ePTFE laminates.

“eVent fabrics is a branded, high-end technology with a broader product line than most people realize,” said Kelly. “This new, strong branding approach will enhance our visibility and communications about everything we offer,” said Kelly.

About eVent® membrane technology and eVent fabrics
eVent fabrics, introduced in 1999, were the first air permeable and waterproof performance textiles on the market. The patented Direct Venting™ technology in eVent waterproof fabrics has been lauded for its ability to ‘let the sweat out™’ and enhance the comfort of rainwear and footwear. The technology used in eVent membranes was invented to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems and give superior protection to industrial machinery. CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures the eVent membranes, collaborating with worldwide suppliers to offer textiles to companies that create apparel, footwear, shelter and accessories for the outdoor sporting goods, military and professional markets. For more information, visit www.eventfabrics.com.

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