currexSole To Host Beer Garden At The Running Event With World Renowned Biomechanical Engineer Dr. Bjöern Braunstein - SNEWS

currexSole To Host Beer Garden At The Running Event With World Renowned Biomechanical Engineer Dr. Bjöern Braunstein

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The creators of Europe’s top awarded insole will offer discussions regarding the new paradigm of running shoe comfort alongside craft German beer tasting

Boston, MA (November 25, 2014)—currexSole, creators of the award-winning running specific RUNPRO insole, will attend The Running Event in Austin, TX with special guest Dr. Björn Braunstein. Dr. Braunstein is a leading biomechanical researcher in Europe and will be available at select times during the show (December 2-4) to speak with retailers and media about the exciting new paradigm of comfort within running shoes.

Dr. Braunstein has extensively studied the effect of footwear on running mechanics. He is a pioneer of minimal footwear research as part of the evaluation team of the NIKE FREE product by Prof. Dr. G.P. Brüggemann. Currently, he holds a position as senior researcher at the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics at the German Sport University and the German Research Centre of Elite Sport. Dr. Braunstein’s current research focuses on the adaptation of biological tissue to diverse environmental conditions and external mechanical stimuli, ranging from microgravity during space flight to extreme loading of elite athletes (including runners) or S.W.A.T. teams during special operations.

“We are extremely honored to have Dr. Braunstein attend The Running Event with us, “ shares Lutz Klein, CEO and MD of currexSole Americas. “He is a very well-respected biomechanical researcher, and his wealth of knowledge will bring exceptional insight towards the purpose of comfort in regards to running footwear, which is the mission of currexSole.”

Dr. Braunstein will be available at the currexSole booth 236, next to the Brooks booth, Wednesday December 3rd at 3pm and throughout the day on Thursday December 4th. In addition, he will be available for individual meetings by appointment only the morning of Wednesday December 3rd. currexSole will host a German Beer Garden on Wednesday at 6pm. For appointments and inquiries please contact our media team: or

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