currexSole Announces U.S. Launch of ACTIVEPRO, The First Insole Designed Specifically For Cleated Footwear


A favorite amongst pro soccer players because of the comfort it offers, the ACTIVEPRO is now available at leading U.S. Soccer Specialty Retailers

Boston, MA (March 18, 2015)—currexSole, Europe’s most awarded and respected insole brand known for sport-specific prefabricated insoles, is pleased to announce that the ACTIVEPRO model designed for cleated sports including soccer, football, baseball and lacrosse, will now be available in the U.S. The ACTIVEPRO joins the currexSole RUNPRO, BIKEPRO and EDGEPRO models that are already available to consumers at retail stores nationwide. Developed by sports scientists and based on the most current research, currexSole focuses on delivering the most comfortable and cutting edge performance insoles, specifically designed around the unique motions and footwear for each sport.

A favorite amongst the world’s best athletes and trainers, the ACTIVEPRO is engineered to fit precisely with athletic cleats, such as soccer or football cleats, to provide comfort and offer a superior fit that helps enhance performance and prevent injury. The currexSole patented FOOTDISC fitting system evaluates foot type, body weight, gait, knee rotation and leg axis to customize one of three profiles and 18 sizing options to provide the best fit for each individual footprint. Klaus Maierstein (current Head Physical Therapist for 1.FC Cologne, Former Physical Therapist for Bayern Munich for 14 years and during that phase 8-time German Soccer Champion) recommends currexSole ACTIVEPRO for soccer cleat enhancement, to improve the fit, comfort and ultimately, performance for players.

Bill Reichelt, Head Trainer for the BC Lions in the CFL, has noticed major improvements for his players while wearing currexSole. He comments, “The currexSole ACTIVEPRO insole adds more comfort to our players’ cleats and as a result, we have seen fewer foot problems when moving from grass to turf shoes.”

currexSole ACTIVEPRO is available now at leading soccer specialty retail stores across the U.S. and Canada including: The Soccer Corner, Soccer Locker, Soccer 4 All, Soccer Stop, Wegotsoccer, Stefans Soccer, Soccer Max, Soccer American, Soccer Village, Soccerworld and All Season Soccer. 

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