Show floor buzz: Eagle Creek, Awayco, KENJI Award, Snow Peak, fire alarm, and more

Outdoor industry news from on (and off) the show floor at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019
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Keep up on the news, even among the trade show madness. Here are today's top headlines:

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Work is through those doors.

Work is through those doors.

  • "The notion that people of color are not already outdoors is a myth perpetuated in America to exclude us." Pick up The Voice at Booth #56131-UL and tweet us @snewsteam if you know which story this quote is from.
  • Did anyone actually smell fire? Or just hear the fire alarm and the nice lady's voice over the loudspeaker at around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday? 
  • Want to know what the deal is with Eagle Creek's "Quit Your Job" campaign pasted on the front doors of the Colorado Convention Center? Eagle Creek found out that more than 700 million paid vacation days go unused by American workers each year. They say, "It’s time to turn those unused hours into travel days, or even take leave from your job and travel the world. Quit Your Job?? Heck yeah, if you can swing it."
  • Kudos to Laura Swapp, of REI, who won the KENJI Award—which recognizes Kenji Haroutunian for his leadership in inclusion and honors other leaders who champion equity—during the DEI Luncheon on Thursday. 
  • Correction in "End of Elite": Merrell does not and has never used the tagline "Average is the new elite" not have they used the name "Average Joes/Average Janes" for their ambassador program. This information was misrepresented in our piece.
  • DPS Skis just partnered with Awayco, a brand and co-op platform that allows consumers to borrow premium gear from specialty retailers in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and beyond. Now, consumers can use DPS Skis through Awayco's network. 
  • Skida Headwear has partnered with Pinnacle Sales Northwest to handle sales in the Pacific Northwest. The team covers Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. "They're going to do a really great job of telling our story out there," said Corinne Prevot, founder and CEO of Skida.
  • Family RV Group, a specialty retailer of new and used recreational vehicles and related services with nine locations across Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia, has announced the hiring of Walt Rodgers as its new Chief Executive Officer effective Feb. 1.
  • American Trail Running Association's 25th ambassador—presented by CamelBak—was announced today. Michiganian Jim Engel, age 64, inspires through coaching and volunteerism and shares words of wisdom for newcomers getting into the sport. In 2011, Engel was inducted as the 34 member of the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club Hall of Fame.
  • Snow Peak has welcomed three new members to its leadership team. Filling the roles of chief financial officer, chief operating officer, and senior retail manager, Snow Peak USA is poised to make 2019 a year of major growth.
  • And lastly, our favorite booth today was Tecnica. Matching the carpet, the whole staff was decked out in orange costumes to celebrate the brand's orange heritage. 
Tecnica's booth is hard to miss.

Tecnica's booth is hard to miss.


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