Tender Corporation Moves to New State-of-the-Art Headquarters


Littleton, New Hampshire (April 8, 2016) -- Tender Corporation, an industry leader for innovative, high quality first aid and preparedness products for work, home, and any adventure announces the completion of its new 117,250 sq. ft. headquarters at 944 Industrial Park Road, Littleton, New Hampshire. The new building will house both expanded production facilities and management offices. 

According to Jason Cartwright, CEO for Tender Corporation, “The move is both an expansion and a continuation of the 40 years of growth for Tender in volume of sales, our talented team of employees and breadth of professional management.”

 Tender’s new facility meets or exceeds the FDA’s and the EPA’s (as well as their Canadian and European equivalents) requirements for not only the production of over the counter medications, medical devices, and insect repellents, but also all local, state, and Federal requirements for storage, use, production, handling, and documented off-site waste disposal.

 In addition, Tender’s new facility utilizes many environmentally friendly technologies including 100% LED lighting, clean propane, redundant environmental controls, low water and hands free lavatories.

About Tender Corporation

Tender Corporation headquarters is located in the heart of the White Mountains in Littleton, New Hampshire. The company was founded in 1975, incorporated in 1977 and manufactures the world-famous insect bite treatment, AfterBite®, a full line of well-known insect repellents such as Ben's® and Natrapel®, first-aid such as Adventure Medical Kits® and Easy Care First Aid™ kits, survival products with Survive Outdoors Longer® and burn remedy products such as AfterBurn®. Many of Tender's products are packaged in innovative ways that allow them to be convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly. Additional information is available at http://www.tendercorp.com.