Adventure Medical Kits’ Climbers Raise Over $26,000 for the Breast Cancer Fund


Littleton, N.H. (October 13, 2015) – Adventure Medical Kits, a supplier of innovative and comprehensive first aid kits and gear, has now had four staff climbers reach the summit of Mt. Shasta in support of Climb Against the Odds, the Breast Cancer Fund's annual mountaineering expedition for breast cancer prevention. Adventure Medical Kits is honored to support this unique outdoor experience that builds character and gives independence to the climbers while simultaneously working towards a cancer-free environment for everyone. The Breast Cancer Fund is the leading national organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the

For Adventure Medical Kits’ staffers the disease hits close to home. Over the past four years, the Brand employees have climbed for a loved one afflicted by cancer. In 2012 & 2013 marketing managers Katie Sowyrda and Annie Smith climbed Mt. Shasta with the Breast Cancer Fund team. More recently sales coordinator Katie Heineman and marketing coordinator Natalie Partida climbed to become part of the community that strives to empower and support those affected by breast cancer. Collectively, the four climbers have fundraised over $26,000 for the organization.

“Getting to the summit of the 14,179-foot Mt. Shasta was the hardest thing I have ever done and I will carry the experience with me for the rest of my life,” said Annie Smith, marketing manager at Adventure Medical Kits. “I climb in memory of my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 40s – she passed away at 48, I climb for my little cousins who deserve a healthy and cancer free life, and I climb to support the Breast Cancer Fund because they are making real change – for the betterment of everyone."

“The Breast Cancer Fund embraces mountain climbing as a metaphor for the critical work we are doing to prevent the environmental causes of this devastating disease,” said Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., president and CEO of the Breast Cancer Fund. “We apply our courage and faith that anything is possible, if taken one step at a time. And we do it all as part of a team, knowing that there is more that we can achieve together than apart.”

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About the Breast Cancer Fund

The Breast Cancer Fund is the leading national organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. For more information, visit