Imperial Motion Launches Lux Custom Wetsuit Program


Tacoma, WA (October 15, 2015) – Staying true to its lifelong motto, “Never Established… Always Evolving,” Washington-based Imperial Motion has grown beyond its line of men’s lifestyle apparel and now proudly unveils the next chapter in its story – the Lux Custom Wetsuit. Each customer who orders a new Lux will be able to personalize their wetsuit by selecting from 15 colors of neoprene to be displayed on the three different panels that comprise the suit (body, side panels and forearms).

Offered in both 3x2mm and 4x3mm thickness, the Lux Wetsuits are made from Japanese limestone, making them lighter, warmer, more durable, stretchy and impermeable than petroleum-based suits. In addition to customizing the suit’s color palette, customers can also choose from a black or white logo, along with a custom printed or solid neon yellow lining – color combinations can be tested using the customization tool on Imperial Motion’s website.

"We are excited to offer this unique experience for our customers to personalize their own wetsuit from the ground up,” said Spencer Goetz, Imperial Motion Design Director. “It's an opportunity for them to let their personality show and stand out in the line up with a truly one-of-a-kind wetsuit."

The neoprene is sourced and processed in a Japanese factory powered by hydroelectric energy, and upon completion of each suit, material scraps are sent to a thermal power station to further generate electricity. What’s more, the sewing factory where each suit is assembled is powered by solar panels that generate up to 60% of the power used to operate the facility. 

Starting at $600 and capping at $700, the Lux Wetsuits are offered in men’s sizes from XS to XL with a one-year warranty that covers both seam and neoprene quality. Upon expiration of the warranty, repair services will still be made available through Imperial Motion for an additional fee. The Lux Wetsuits are now available for direct purchase through, and will be delivered 4-5 weeks after each order is placed.

Warmth Ratings: 

3x2mm – Cool water: 50-58° F / 10-14° C

4x3mm – Cold water: 48-56° F / 9-13° C

About Imperial Motion: Based in Tacoma, WA, Imperial Motion is a lifestylebrand centered around the ideal, “Never Established… Always Evolving.” Since 2002, IM has represented the underachiever in its quest to become the most recognizable brand in lifestyle clothing. “Our success was achieved the day we set foot on this path, our goal will be achieved the day everyone joins us.” Find more at