Tarma Designs Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!


Started in 2005, Tarma Designs met the needs for lightweight, super durable and easy to wear jewelry with authentic themes for hiking, running and cycling. Fresh from a stint at CamelBak, Tarma’s founder Sky George was very familiar with the active sports market.

“We used green materials like recycled 316L stainless and polyester cord made from PET bottles. Pendants were adjustable so you could customize your own fit. Finishes were matte silver and black. EDM cutting was used to give the pendant images a unique and clean look. Many of the designs were graphic illustrations of that activity,” said George.

“The original branding and concepts were done with Sidfactor.” said George. “We asked what would jewelry for active sports look like? They had to have meaning, be simple, durable and low key. Be able to wear them 24-7. Many of those original pieces are still in the line. One of the most successful has been the image of the stacked rock cairn pendant. For the outdoor crowd, this is a trail marker to guide you through uncertain areas. For yoga, it's about balance. Still others see it as steps on their path in life.”

Ten year later, Tarma continues its focus on hiking, cycling and running, as well as close categories, such as yoga, SUP and nature images. Custom work includes the ATC, PCTA and the film Mile, Mile-and-a-Half to mention a few. Many of the designs continue in EDM cut stainless, but casting in silver and bronze have been added, as well as domestic production.

For more information about Tarma’s jewelry products, contact rita@tarmadesigns.com or visit www.TarmaDesigns.com.


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