Skratch Labs’ New Product Launch Assumes Winter Will Return


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Skratch Labs’ New Product Launch Assumes Winter Will Return

Boulder, CO (September 5, 2013) – Skratch Labs might be the first sports nutrition brand to attempt predicting the weather, but the company is apparently confident enough in their forecasting abilities to introduce a new flavor in their popular line of all-natural sports drinks designed to be consumed hot and used in cold, wintry conditions. Calling the flavor “Apples & Cinnamon,” the company decided against ingredients that only taste like apples and cinnamon instead choosing to use only actual apples and actual cinnamon. While it’s true that winter has followed Summer and Fall for the last several dozen years (at least) there’s no way to be 100% sure it will happen again and, for a small company with little room for error, that’s a big gamble that Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim has complete faith in. “Winter will come,” he said. “Winter will most definitely come.”

Skratch Labs tested the Apples & Cinnamon flavor last winter by producing a small amount for only their best customers, and has spent a good portion of the last seven months reassuring those customers the product would be back permanently this year. Not to mention apologizing to those who weren’t able to try it before it sold out. The company believes the new flavor will be a “game changer” for anyone who exerts themselves in cold conditions. CEO Ian MacGregor explained, “You know how great an ice cold drink tastes when it’s hot out? This is exactly the same, except the complete opposite.” Explained that way, it makes perfect sense.

Skratch Labs was born out of a need to solve the problem of ‘gut rot’ and flavor fatigue among athletes. The Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix, is an all-natural sports drink with fewer calories, more electrolytes and is flavored only with real fruit. “It’s not rocket science. Real is better,” said Dr. Lim, who started making the drink mix from scratch in his kitchen to solve the stomach issues of the pro-cyclists he’s trained for fifteen years. Skratch Labs is a privately held company based in Boulder, CO, a city on the North American continent of the planet Earth, spinning somewhere on the edge of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

About Skratch Labs

Founded by renowned sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch Labs’ philosophy is to use real food as the optimal source of nourishment for sport and life. Lim’s recent collaboration with Chef Biju Thomas on ‘The Feed Zone’ and ‘The Feed Zone Portables’ cookbooks started a revolution in the way athletes think about fuel and hydration for activity and recovery. Skratch Labs provides ready-made products to help complement this lifestyle, beginning with their Exercise Hydration Drink Mixes.

Skratch Labs Hydration drink mixes continue to grow in popularity with cyclists, runners, triathletes, lawn mowers, yoga class takers, climbers, hikers, motocross riders, NASCAR drivers, military organizations, youth sports participants, firefighters, and everyday regular people just like the person reading this right now.