Six Eleven Bicycle Company makes first appearance at NAHBS

Six Eleven Bicycle Company invites you to learn more about them at the Shimano North American Handmade Bike Show.

The world's largest custom bicycle show, the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show will be in Richmond, VA February 26-28. The show is dedicated to showcasing the talents of individuals around the world whose art form is the bicycle (take a quick peek at some of the bikes that will be on display). It is a meeting point for frame builders and consumers looking for custom-made bikes, for sharing ideas, and the promotion of a special industry with a rich history dating back to 1819. There will be more than 7000 attendees and over 150 exhibitors - one of which is Roanoke's own Six Eleven Bicycle Company.

New to the scene, Six Eleven Bicycle Company is the brainchild of Aaron Dykstra. Ask anyone who knows him and they'll agree that Aaron lives and breathes bicycling. Aaron's Roanoke roots are evident as the bike he will be sharing at the show is a high-end track bike themed after the Norfolk & Western 611 locomotive.

Aaron and Six Eleven Bicycle Company invite you to learn more about them and other custom-frame builders by attending the NAHBS February 26-28. If you can't make the show visit (still under construction) and schedule a time to meet Aaron and check out his frames.

Best of luck Aaron!


Like a Speeding Locomotive...

Roanoke, VA native Aaron Dykstra uses an icon of his hometown for his bicycle company’s namesake and manufacturing paradigm - Six Eleven Bicycle Co. Norfolk and Western Railroad’s “J Class ” locomotive No. 611 was a sleek and streamlined steam locomotive built in the N&W’s more