SALEWA TIROLWOOL® CELLIANT® – Introducing a New Generation of Hybrid Wool Insulation for Mountain Activities


SALEWA TIROLWOOL® CELLIANT® – Introducing a New Generation of Hybrid Wool Insulation for Mountain Activities

Boulder, Colo. (Jan. 5, 2017)-  Salewa, the leading international mountain sports brand born and bred in the Italian Dolomites, introduces TirolWool® Celliant®, a new reflective hybrid insulation for Fall/Winter 2017-2018 that outperforms conventional wool and synthetic insulations.

The unique, low-bulk hybrid insulation is created by blending 40% natural TirolWool®, sourced from high altitude Tyrolean sheep with 60% Celliant®, an enhanced polyester with thermo-reactive minerals that reflect and recycle radiant heat into infrared light by converting, storing and reflecting it back to the body for longer warmth.

As a technical mountain brand based in the heart of the Dolomites, the mountains are Salewa’s testing ground and inspiration for creating solutions like TirolWool® Celliant® made for mountain enthusiasts who are looking for strong and light apparel that protect and perform all day long, regardless of the conditions or aerobic levels exerted. While the human body is an energy source, during low intensity activities in cold conditions, it loses 65 percent of its heat through radiation. TirolWool® Celliant® performs during activity, but also during static situations thanks to its longer heat retention and infrared reflection.

In addition to supporting the regional economy by locally sourcing TirolWool® from South Tyrol, these sheep also happen to be unique mountain sheep who live at 2,000 meters all-year long in harsh conditions where normal sheep could not survive. Their fleece has been used to make warm clothing for centuries and is known for its outstanding warmth, breathability, thermo regulation and insulation, and even hydrophobic qualities. By choosing to source local Tyrolean wool, Salewa is sustainably reducing transportation – a major contributor of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that impact the climate.

Originally used in the fields of medicine and science, Celliant® directs infrared energy back to the body and promotes blood circulation, making the wearer feel warmer, promoting wellbeing and faster recovery. Celliant® significantly increases the thermo-regulating function of TirolWool®, improving its warmth-to-weight ratio and also making it softer and more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, Celliant® never wears off or washes as it is melted into a resin and embedded into the core of each fiber.

TirolWool® Celliant® also has strong sustainable credentials, it is a natural, renewable material sourced from local sheep and is chlorine free, while Celliant® is made from polyester yarns, 70% of which are recycled from European post-consumer waste. Salewa North Amercia will be using TirolWool® Celliant® in four products, two men’s and women’s styles, and will be available in North America for Fall 2017 and on display at ORWM booth #36073.

About Salewa:

Behind SALEWA stands over 80 years of experience in the vertical and on high-alpine expeditions. As a leading international mountain sports brand, Salewa inspires people all around the world to live and experience the mountains with the appropriate apparel, footwear, equipment and technical gear for their alpine activities. Founded in 1935 in Munich, Germany, the family-owned, management-led company today has its global headquarters in the heart of the Dolomites, in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy, developing innovative, functional and premium products with a trusted network of alpine institutions, active mountain athletes, specialized partners and professional mountain guide organizations.