Princeton Tec Unveils New Handheld and Strobe Light

 Princeton Tec Meridian and Sector 5

Princeton Tec Meridian and Sector 5

BORDENTOWN, N.J.Princeton Tec is bringing a pair of new high-octane lights to the outdoor and SCUBA worlds. An industry-leader in outdoor lighting, Princeton Tec unveils their new Sector 5 handheld light and the Meridian strobe for maximum lighting output for outdoor and underwater adventures. The new handheld provides ergonomic comfort and easy operation, while the Meridian is a powerful flashing beacon that can be seen for miles.

“With these powerful and affordable new additions to our SCUBA lineup, Princeton Tec is ready for this dive season and excited to introduce new lights into the sport we got our start from back in 1975,” said George Chevalier, Marketing Manager at Princeton Tec.


Sector 5 – Designed for power and convenience, the Sector 5 handheld packs 550 lumens for use on land or deep underwater (waterproof to 100 meters/IPX8). A new trigger design makes usage simple (even with gloves on), and a lock out switch prevents accidental illumination or battery drain. Four C batteries power this single Maxbright LED beast for 24 hours. The Sector 5 is 100-percent waterproof and will rise to any diving challenge.

Meridian – About the size of a deck of playing cards, the Meridian LED emergency strobe and personal locator beacon is visible for more than a mile with its 100-lumen white LED. A large, user-friendly toggle switch allows the user to select red and white Maxbright LEDs strobes. Low profile and versatile, the Meridian easily attaches to a PFD, SCUBA tank, kayak, SUP, and any surface with either an included Velcro strap or any 1” webbing. Built to withstand burly amphibious activities, the Meridian is built tough and waterproof to 100 meters/IPX8.

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Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec's goal has been to deliver top-quality outdoor lighting products to the outdoor, bike, industrial, tactical, and SCUBA industries. The company is an American manufacturer, and through the decades has built a strong reputation with dealers and customers for their superior and reliable lights. For more information about Princeton Tec, please visit: