PeopleForBikes Announces Major Expansion


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Boulder, Colo. (September 18, 2013)— National bicycling non-profit PeopleForBikes has announced a major expansion plan to bring clarity, simplicity, and power to the movement for better biking. The expansion streamlines the organization to a single brand, directly connects its industry-backed programs to its 750,000 individual members, and increases support for state and local advocacy efforts.

The Bikes Belong Coalition and Bikes Belong Foundation will be renamed the PeopleForBikes Coalition and the PeopleForBikes Foundation. Starting September 18, 2013, the opening day of Interbike, the Bikes Belong brand will no longer be used. A new PeopleForBikes website, launched concurrently, will take the place of the organization’s three existing sites.

“One strong brand will help PeopleForBikes lead the effort to transform bicycling in America,” said Tim Blumenthal, President of PeopleForBikes.

Programs that previously fell under the Bikes Belong brand will now be part of the new PeopleForBikes, allowing the movement to better mobilize its 750,000 individual members. These projects include the Community Grants Program, the Green Lane Project, and the PeopleForBikes Business Network (the public face of the Leslie Bohm Strategy Center).

Through these programs, the new PeopleForBikes will also provide additional support for state and local advocacy efforts. By reaching riders who have never been engaged with organized bike groups or clubs, PeopleForBikes will continue to bring reinforcements and extra dollars to the movement.

“This expansion is a key step for bicycling. With a single individual- and industry-facing brand, everyone will know where to turn for reinforcements and funding as they work to achieve better bicycling in their communities,” said PeopleForBikes Coalition Board Chairman Michael Mercuri of SRAM. 

Started in 2010 as a campaign of the Bikes Belong Foundation, PeopleForBikes has become the nation’s largest bike movement. By uniting all supporters of bicycling under a single umbrella—from individuals to businesses to city leaders—PeopleForBikes plans to carry this momentum to grow and improve all genres of bicycling in America.

Here is what the expansion will mean for various groups within the bicycling industry:

1) Suppliers and Distributors: Current members of the Bikes Belong Coalition will become members of the PeopleForBikes Coalition at the same dues rate they pay now. With one single industry- and individual-facing brand, membership in the PeopleForBikes Coalition will now bring increased marketing return on investment, enabling companies to better tell the story of their advocacy work. The PeopleForBikes Coalition will represent the U.S. bicycling industry and tout the many business benefits of bicycling.

2) Retailers: Retailers can sign up to become a PeopleForBikes Retailer, a free program that includes a kit for collecting customer signups and donations. Bikes Belong Coalition retailer members will automatically be made PeopleForBikes Retailers. In addition to offering improved support for member retailers, PeopleForBikes will promote participating stores to its local members.

3) Individuals: The expanded PeopleForBikes will provide more ways for individual bike riders to connect with advocacy efforts, both nationally and in their own community.

About PeopleForBikes:
PeopleForBikes is leading the U.S. national bike movement, uniting millions of individuals, thousands of businesses, and hundreds of communities to improve bicycling in the U.S. The charitable PeopleForBikes Foundation works to give bike riders of all kinds one powerful, unified voice and also leads the effort to improve bike infrastructure. The PeopleForBikes Coalition is the business voice of U.S. bicycling, adding the resources, reach and influence of bike companies.