Osmo Nutrition Partners with Pro Triathlete, Two-Time Olympic Medalist and World Champion Bevan Docherty



Having been derailed by stomach and gastrointestinal issues for over 7 months, Bevan Docherty overcomes his sports nutritional challenges with guidance from exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist, Dr. Stacy Sims

(Fairfax, CA – July 7th, 2014) - - OSMO Nutrition, creators of sports hydration and recovery products specifically optimized for male and female physiology and based on peer-reviewed science and fieldwork with athletes, is pleased to welcome Pro Triathlete, two-time Olympic Medalist and World Champion, Bevan Docherty to their team. Osmo will be the official hydration and recovery drink mix sponsor for the decorated triathlete and father of two.

New Zealand born Bevan Docherty recently won Ironman Texas after several months of disappointing race performances as a result of stomach distress and cramping. Up until this race, Docherty was very public about his challenges with nutrition. He explains, "Despite years of race experience and success, I have always struggled with triathlon’s fourth discipline: nutrition. Nutrition was my kryptonite and after experiencing some of the lowest lows of my career and months of testing to try to solve these problems, I discovered Dr. Stacy Sims and Osmo. In a very short time, the combination of Stacy’s science and the exceptional product she developed were able to convert me from a DNF athlete to an Ironman Champion.”

One major change that Sims, Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder of Osmo Nutrition, made to Docherty’s race nutrition plan was to change a liquid-calorie focused fueling what she refers to as, “hydration in the bottle and real food in the pocket.” Sims also incorporated Osmo’s three male-specific products into his training and racing which a growing number of endurance athletes are now turning to.

“I have followed Bevan's career from early days in New Zealand witnessing his ups and downs and have wanted to help him,” said Sims. “The opportunity to work with Bevan and address his nutrition arose a few weeks before Ironman Texas, and I am very happy to see the immediate impact a change in his nutritional approach made for him.”

 Docherty’s next race will be Vineman 70.3 on July 13th, and he is the defending champion from 2013. After Vineman 70.3, the focus will be on the Ironman World Championships in Kona. 

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