Olympic Champion Julia Mancuso Finds Sweet Spot between Performance and Style in New POC Collection


PARK CITY, Utah (Feb. 5, 2015) Olympic champion. Style maven. Wonder woman. Julia Mancuso is an icon on the ski hill and off, and POC, a leading manufacturer of skiing and cycling helmets, apparel and accessories, honors the American alpine ski racer with its deepest signature collection to date. The Swedish brand has also extended its long-running contract with Mancuso, and will support the four-time Olympic medalist through the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

"I'm happy to continue my collaboration with POC with my new updated pro model," states Julia Mancuso. "Safety is so important in our sport of ski racing, so it means a lot to me to work with a company like POC, which pays such close attention to detail and our need for adequate protection at such high speeds." 

POC Julia Mancuso

Mancuso’s relationship with POC dates back to 2006, when she burst onto the global radar with Olympic gold in the giant slalom in Turin, Italy. She has since become the most prolific women’s alpine skier in U.S. Olympic history, earning four medals across three Games, including a Combined bronze in Sochi in 2014.

Styled in the “Julia Blue” colorway, the new Julia Mancuso signature collection includes the Skull Orbic Comp helmet and Retina Big goggles, as well as the ISPO Award-winning Super Palm Comp glove. For extra flash, Mancuso will be topping podiums in her “Julia Red” Know sunglasses.

“The Julia Mancuso pro model collection, including helmet, goggle, sunglasses, and gloves, shows how many areas we have entered on our path to save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for skiers," states Oscar Huss, POC's head of product development. "We are really happy to collaborate with such a fantastic athlete and personality as Julia, and we have an amazing connection, having grown and conquered together since 2006.”

As an athlete on the highest level, Mancuso also plays an important role in POC’s quest to develop groundbreaking gear and optimal protection—providing valuable input on safety and aesthetics. In developing this line with Mancuso, it was important for POC to not only see her as the world-class skier she is, but to also consider her interests in surfing, travel, and adventure, which is evident in the design of the new sunglasses.

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"It's also important to look good while competing and the detail in design is something you can always count on with POC,” states Mancuso. “I love our new collaboration extending my signature blue into a more dynamic look and popping it with some hot fire with my signature sunglasses. I am also adding gloves into the collection. When I got the opportunity to select my own race gloves it was an easy choice given POC's commitment to quality and design. I am now protected from my hands to my head and ready to go fast in style."

Mancuso debuted her new signature collection Tuesday, February 3, in the Women’s Super G at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The Know sunglasses are available now, and the full collection will be available at retail in Fall 2015.

See the Julia Mancuso collection, and POC’s full Winter 2015-16 line at ISPO Munich, February 5-8.

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About POC

POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission: to do everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. For more information about POC, please visit www.pocsports.com.


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