New iPhone App puts Steep and Cheap in the palm of your hand—the most affordable and addicting outdoor gear shopping store—today released the free Steep and Cheap App on the iTunes store.
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PARK CITY, UTAH —Auto refresh, countdown timers and desktop alerts can only go so far when gear-hungry tightwads are trying to fuel their shopping addiction. The problem is, these guys would rather be outside, racking up miles, vert and kudos with the gear they've scored for pennies on the one-deal-at-a-time outdoor gear site. How can the obsessed have their gear and use it, too? It's clear: Steep and Cheap was born to be mobile.—the most affordable and addicting outdoor gear shopping store—today released the free Steep and Cheap App on the iTunes store ( The Steep and Cheap App is designed to ensure that outdoor gear bargain stalkers have all the gear info they need at their fingertips, so they don't return from a day of rock, river or trail only to have the euphoric endorphin buzz supplanted by despair when they realize they missed the deal of their dreams.

To wit: The Steep and Cheap App lists the current steal and the essential info required for quick action, including the price, time remaining to score the deal, the number of available products remaining, and a big honking, can't miss orange Buy Now button that takes you directly to the checkout cart to instantly fulfill your gear dreams.

A short scroll down the screen reveals a trove of product information for the more discerning and less impulsive gear junkies among us, including:
o Detailed product image gallery and product descriptions that SaC customers have come to depend on.
o's community reviews of the featured product.
o Text and Email to a friend functionality so you can easily share the love with your friends in need.

The Steep and Cheap App Checkout is designed to further expedite the buying process. The App catalogs your preferred shipping address, saved credit card info and billing address (that is all password protected, of course), and options to edit or add new information if you need to. Steep and Cheap addicts can now score a great deal faster than ever before.

No longer do gear junkies have to choose between missing a day of adrenaline and missing a day of back-to-back deals. Now, all the gear-deal glory that is is available in the palm of your hand. sells premium, core outdoor gear and clothing at prices that are downright criminal. The store posts one screamin' deal at a time until it's gone, and because the deals are always the best price around they sell out fast. You have to act fast or you'll miss it, but don't stress—as soon as one deal sells out, kicks off another.