New iPad App Means Outdoor Gear At Your Fingertips

New, free iPad app combines ease-of-use and access to sweet gear to prove that wherever you are, you’re never far from the Backcountry

PARK CITY, Utah – If gear shopping online is either too 2009 or too sedentary for you, Apple's iPad App store.

“Millions of people in the U.S. are making purchases on their iPads. Now there's no reason for gear lovers not to join the revolution,” said Peter Eischeid, Mobile Product Manager at

The app is made for any time, any place gear shopping. Imagine you're riding shotgun down I-25 through Colorado with all the gear you need for your epic three-week Baja adventure packed in the back of your friend's truck. It's not until you hit Pueblo that it dawns on you that you forgot the tent. Don't sweat it. Just whip out your iPad, hit the app, order up the gear you need, and have it overnighted to general delivery at the Post Office in Yuma, where you can pick it up before you cross the border. Easy.

The app is simpler, more streamlined and more modern than the online store itself. The intuitive interface makes it easy to shop by letting you scroll through product images, videos and reviews, and check out related product links as well. Plus (seasoned online shoppers will appreciate this), you can add items to your cart without ever leaving the page you're viewing. This convenient little feature goes a long way in keeping you in a mellifluous state of Zen.

“This app fits the nature of customers. They're active and they're tech savvy,” said Eischeid. “If anyone needs app-enabled shopping, it's the outdoor set, the people buying outdoor gear.”

The iPad app is the second mobile app from the family of stores. One-deal-at-a-time sister site,, is accessible via iPhone app as well. With these two mobile solutions, you literally have outdoor gear at your fingertips from anywhere there's a Wi-Fi connection – even the road to Yuma.

To download the app: CLICK HERE