Küat Racks Releases New 15mm and 20mm Dirtbag Racks


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Küat Racks Releases New 15mm and 20mm Dirtbag Racks

Springfield, MO (May 24, 2013) – Küat Racks, makers of lightweight, stylish and easy-to-use racks, introduces two new sizes of the revolutionarily and inexpensive bike rack – The Dirtbag. Like the original Dirtbag, the 15mm and 20mm options use the bikes thru axle to mount the fork to the Dirtbag.

Retailing at $19 MSRP for the new 15mm and 20mm sizes, The Dirtbags use it’s owner’s existing bike skewer to hold the wheel in place and bolts to almost anything, creating an easy and ultra-affordable bike rack. With its steel construction, the Dirtbag is durable and unlike it’s namesake, doesn’t take up couch space. The Dirtbag racks are likely the most inexpensive bike racks on the planet.

The two new sizes expand the Dirtbag line to address the popularity of the original, but the need to attach bigger forks to almost anything that’ll haul.

Luke Kuschmeader, President at Küat Racks, says, “These new Dirtbag sizes are solid, bold and go anywhere. With the popularity of the Dirtbag, adding bigger sizes for a variety of bikes makes sense…people love the Dirtbags and the ability to mount them almost anywhere for safe bike transport."

About Küat Racks

Founded in 2007, Küat designs lightweight, stylish, easy-to-use products that help cyclists and adventurers get out and do more. With each product, Küat aspires to deliver innovative solutions to their customers. For more information about Küat, visit http://www.kuatracks.com/.