Joshua Tree Skin Care Introduces Organic Sun Care Products

Joshua Tree Skin Care Introduces Organic Sun Care Products: SPF 15, SPF 30 and Lavender After-Sun Lotions

PINCKNEY, Mich.Joshua Tree Skin Care (JTree), maker of premium organic and natural skin care products, introduces three sun care lotions: JTree Organic Sun Screen available in SPF 15 and SPF 30 that provide natural broad-spectrum sun protection and JTree Organic Lavender After-Sun, a cooling after-sun relief.All three are full-body lotions and are packaged in convenient 4oz (120ml) flip-top bottles. Suggested retail pricing for the after sun lotion is $12, and the SPF 15 and 30 products are $16, $18 respectively. They are available for immediate delivery to retailers and online at

Unlike most sun screens, which are up to 80 percent water, JTree’s new sun care products contain only 20 percent water and are loaded with premium organic oils and butters which gives each lotion a thick, smooth texture without a greasy residue. They are safe for use on children and sensitive skin; the sun screens are water-resistant for up to 40 minutes.

“Living an active outdoor life means frequent exposure to harmful UV radiation,” says Dave Lawrence, JTree’s president and CEO, “but many sun screens contain harsh chemicals and fillers, leave skin feeling greasy, and may not protect against cancer-causing UV-A radiation. Our goal was to create an organic, effective sun screen in line with our core values.”

Originally established outside Joshua Tree National Park in 2001, JTree’s healing skin care was immediately embraced by the park’s community of rock climbers and hikers. From its current headquarters in Michigan, JTree has remained committed to the core values of its market and continues to research and develop skin care products that are performance oriented, all-natural, and environmentally responsible. Outdoor enthusiasts like rock climbers, cyclists and skiers are now among the many groups who benefit from JTree’s 10 years of experience protecting, healing and revitalizing skin frequently exposed to harsh natural elements.

Active Ingredients (Organic Sunscreen in SPF 15 and SPF 30)

·Micro Zinc Oxide: Naturally blocks UVA and UVB radiation to provide broad-spectrum protection.

·OM-Cinnimate: Naturally absorbs UVA and UVB radiation to provide broad-spectrum protection.

Certified Organic Ingredients:

·Sunflower Seed Oil: High in antioxidants including vitamin E, which help to reduce free radicals that cause skin damage. Sunflower seed oil is also naturally moisturizing and is high in beta-carotene, which can reduce sun sensitivity.

·Jojoba Oil: Moisturizing and high in antioxidants, jojoba oil doesn’t evaporate like most water based moisturizers and is easily spread and absorbed.

·Beeswax: Comprised of long chain molecules that help sustain sunscreen on the surface of the skin, Beeswax also provides natural water-repellant properties.

·Coconut Oil: A highly saturated oil that stays on the outer layers of the skin to help maintain a smooth feeling, it is also high in antioxidants such as vitamin E, which help protect against sun damage.

·Cocoa Butter: Comprised of long chain molecules that help sustain sunscreen on the surface of the skin to provide longer lasting protection. It also has mild sun protection properties.

·Shea Butter: Contains cinnamic acid, which naturally filters UV-B radiation. It also promotes cell renewal and increases circulation to help repair sun damage.

·Aloe: Anti-inflammatory moisturizer with a high nutrient content that works well to relieve sunburn and other skin irritations. It is also high in vitamin C and E, which are both shown to protect skin from sun damage and eliminate free radicals that cause skin aging.

·Vitamin E Oil: Used as a preservative to protect against oxidation in other oils. Vitamin E is also an effective neutralizer of the free radicals that cause cell damage following UV exposure.

·Vanilla (sun screen only): Provides a pleasant and soothing aroma.

·Tea Tree Oil (after sun lotion only): Deeply penetrating anti-inflammatory, with antiseptic and analgesic (pain killing) qualities that allow it to sooth sunburns and other painful skin irritations.

·Lavender (after sun lotion only): Has strong antibacterial properties used to treat burns.

About Joshua Tree Skin Care

Established in 2001, Joshua Tree Skin Care or “JTree” offers a unique collection of organic and natural skin care products designed specifically for people who lead an active outdoor lifestyle.

All products are hand crafted using a unique process of slow-roasting premium organic herbs to extract essential oils that are then combined with other natural ingredients, like beeswax and cocoa butter. Based in Pinckney, Mich., Joshua Tree Skin Care is available in retail locations throughout the United States and Canada and online at Follow JTree on Facebook and Twitter.