Honey Stinger Sponsors Walk Off The War Thru-Hikes for Veterans

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Honey Stinger, the leading manufacturer of honey-based nutritional products, announces it will sponsor Warrior Hike to support veterans who have recently returned from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The “Walk Off the War” program is designed to help veterans transition from military service by thru-hiking one of America’s National Scenic Trails including the Appalachian Trail (AT), the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

“Thru-hiking one of these trails requires a tremendous amount of commitment, ambition and the proper fuel,” says Len Zanni, Honey Stinger head of marketing. “There’s no doubt that these veterans have the will to attempt these thru-hikes and we’re proud to help keep their energy levels high by supplying their trail food.”


During the six-month 2,000-plus mile journey along a National Scenic Trail, veterans have the opportunity to decompress from their military service and come to terms with their wartime experiences while learning to use the outdoors as an alternative form of therapy. Participating in the Warrior Hike “Walk Off The War” Program allows veterans to experience their journey and the reintegration into society with the camaraderie of others who understand the challenges facing today’s veterans. Veterans will also have opportunities to meet with veteran organizations in the towns along their hiking routes, thereby gradually building a network of life-long friendships that will support their continued post-war healing.

“Honey Stinger products are ideal for thru-hiking,” says Sean Gobin, Warrior Hike Executive. “It's great to eat a Honey Stinger waffle after lunch when your energy levels start to fade. That extra burst of energy really helps to push you through the last few miles of the day.”

Honey Stinger will be supporting the expeditions by providing veterans with energy food including Organic Stinger Waffles, energy bars, chews, gels and protein bars. The Walk Off the War participants hiking the CDT will be in Honey Stinger’s hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado on July 4th, where the Honey Stinger team will to give them a warm welcome.

For more information or to support Warrior Hike, please visit http://warriorhike.com/donate/

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