Granger’s Down Wash Best in Class to Restore, Clean DWR Down


Hydrophobic Down Retains 99.4% of DWR After Five Wash/Dry Cycles

DownTek™, the revolutionary hydrophobic and quick-drying down technology, today announced independent test results that hail Granger’s as the premium and preferred down wash on the market for all DownTek products. UK-based Granger’s specializes in waterproofing and cleaning products that protect and restore outdoor gear performance.

There are numerous benefits to using DownTek: the treatment reduces the amount of water absorbed by 300%, reduces energy consumption by drying up to 67% faster than regular down, reduces overall energy consumption, protects the quality of the down, is long-lasting, verifiably safe, adds no additional weight to the down and is remarkably effective. The laundry study, conducted by the International Down & Feather Testing Lab (IDFL), intended to find a cleaning detergent that would best protect these beneficial qualities of DownTek down.

“In late July, we commissioned a wash durability study with IDFL, the global leader in filled textile testing, in order to find a detergent that would preserve our technology,” said Andrew Payne, DownTek’s Principal. “The study concluded that Granger’s Down Wash detergent was by far and away the superior product to maintain our durable water repellency (DWR) qualities in a like-new condition through multiple washings.”

The study tests Granger’s, along with seven other popular, commercially-available products. During the procedure, the DownTek sample was steamed, conditioned, and tested for Fill Power before the washes. Next, 60 grams of DownTek were placed in a 100% cotton pillow with a 2-inch diameter. The pillow was then washed with one of the 8 detergents in a “normal” wash setting with cold water and then put in a “normal” dry setting with medium heat. After each wash and dry cycle, down was removed from the pillow to perform the Hydrophobic Shake Test. The pillow was then sewn shut and the wash/dry cycle continued. Once five cycles were completed, the down was tested for Fill Power again. These steps were completed for each detergent. 

As stated by the IDFL tester in the conclusion section, “By testing the specific DWR down samples that were submitted for laundry durability research at IDFL, it was determined that Granger’s is the safest laundry detergent overall for DWR down.” In fact, Granger’s-washed DownTek samples retained 99.4% of their DWR power throughout 5 wash and dry cycles.

Granger’s Down Wash contains a non-ionic surfactant based on a neutral alcohol ethoxylate making the product excellent for retaining the natural fats and oils in down. Unlike other detergents, the concentrated cleaner in Granger’s Down Wash breaks down on drying to leave no residual surface active compound that could interfere with any present or subsequent waterproofing treatment. This technology mirrors that of the textile mills for face fabric preparation. 

Granger’s Down Wash qualifies as abluesign® approved product and is available for sale here.

For information on DownTek please contact Devon Sibole at 4727-492-7810, or at The best way to see DownTek in action is to visit this simple demonstration online. For more information on Granger’s, please contact Richard Randall at

About Granger’s

We are a technology-based company specializing in waterproofing and cleaning products that protect and restore the performance of your outdoor gear. Established in 1937, we became the first company to produce environment-friendly water-based waterproofing. Our principle of producing ecologically sound, high performance treatments continues to this day. Our proofing technologies replicate the water repellency applied to boots, garments and equipment when they were new. You're just re-applying the original treatment, so your gear works better for longer. As we like to put it: Original Performance Restored.


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