Down Decor Secures Responsible Standard of Down Certification


Down Decor, the supplier of the original hydrophobic down, DownTek, has recently announced its acquisition of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification, the highest level of sustainable and traceable down standards in the industry.

Down Decor and its subsidiary, Ohio Feather Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, have had their supply chain audited by Control Union to ensure that the bulk down shipped meets the highest standards in terms of animal welfare and traceability of their down. The Responsible Down Standard tenets, found on, says that, “The RDS provides a resource to the entire industry with the goal of improving the welfare of animals and the chain of custody for down on a global level.”

The RDS provides accountability to brands and suppliers to source and provide in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible, and allows consumers, brands and media to be confident in how and where their products are coming from.

Daniel Guigui, President of DownDecor and DownTek, says, “We have always worked with very sustainable and ethical down suppliers and are excited that RDS has allowed us to be able to provide the public and our brand partners with a tangible standard that can be adhered to across the board.” Guigui noted also that, “The difference with DownTek is that we are a supplier to 26 incredible brands who know and trust our product, so the timing in securing RDS was amplified due to the sheer number of inclusions we had to make. In the end, it worked out just as we’d anticipated, and we are very pleased to be able to continue producing one of the best hydrophobic down products available.”

DownTek and Down Decor have secured RDS for their white and grey duck and goose down and will continue to work with reputable and ethical suppliers and warehouses to source their down. The DownTek treatment creates products that dry 67% faster and absorb 33% less water than untreated down, a huge incentive for the outdoors industry.



Down standards taking flight

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