Falke International Skiing Air Insulation Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

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Hickory, N.C. (April 22, 2014)Falke International, a leading European brand of high-end performance wear, was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in the Base Layer Ski category for their innovative skiing underwear, the Skiing Air Insulation. The Red Dot Award is an international product design prize given by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. Award categories include product design, design agencies and design concepts. Falke, a German based company, now holds three Red Dot Award since the launch of their Ergonomic Sport System line in 2002.

Falke’s base layer is built on a unique Warp Knit, which creates open ventilation spots, optimal temperature control and moisture management. In addition, it also uses bonding and ultrasonic gluing technology, creating a 100 percent seamless, high elasticity and soft yarn for optimal thermal regulation and a comfortable fit. With the new technological advancements in this piece, consumers can customize the article in 18 individual creations, making it highly adaptable and personal to skier preferences. The shirt, facemask, gloves and stirrup trousers can all be cut and rearranged, without damaging the product or threads becoming detached.

Falke Ergonomic Sport System is firmly established as the innovative leader in the field of functionality and style among various sporting outlets. The Skiing Air Insulation combines new and unique production technologies for sport underwear with an outstanding design. “The Skiing Air Insulation represents the whole Ergonomic Sport System idea,” states Michael Meier, Falke Ergonomic Sport System Product Manager. In addition to the Red Dot Award, in January 2014 the Skiing Air Insulation also received the ISPO Gold Award in the Ski and Base Layer category, establishing Falke as a leading brand in performance and leisure wear.

This success of the Skiing Air Insulation will be celebrated on July 7, 2014 in Essen, when guests from around the world come together to see all winning products of this year’s Red Dot Award.

For more information, visit www. Falke.com

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A fourth generation family owned German business, where luxury and performance is a way of life, is now available in the US market. From luxury legwear to the bodymapping Ergonomic Sport System, quality is a given and performance is unsurpassed. Falke is committed to deliver the ultimate in technology and technical excellence.