Elby and Velofix Partner to Deliver E-Bikes Directly to Customers


The Largest Fleet of Mobile Bike Shops will provide the crucial step in direct to consumer sales by ensuring timely and comprehensive building and delivery of Elby bikes.


El Segundo, CA, September 15, 2016: Elby Bikes, the new hybrid, pedal-assist e-bike, will work closely with Velofix’s fleet of Mobile Bike Shops to deliver fully-built and ready to ride bikes to customers in select markets across the US and Canada. Velofix’s 60 franchises are well-positioned to fulfill orders in nearly all markets and are able to bring their services to the customer’s doorstep, safely completing the build on-site and orienting the owner to their brand new Elby.

Elby’s partnership with Velofix goes further than direct customer distribution to include in-van mobile demos, strategic promotion and sales opportunities, and ongoing customer maintenance and service for Elby owners.


“Modern luxury lifestyle products like Elby deserve a contemporary luxury service that suits a 21st century customer’s expectation of service. Elby is a premium product and we want to meet that consumer expectation by putting their investment in the hands of qualified professionals from the moment it leaves our hands to their first pedal stroke,” said Fred Gingl, Elby Co-Founder. ”You can’t get that if you rely on home assembly and generic delivery drivers.”

“We see, again and again, that today’s consumer wants premium service to come to them on their schedule,” offered Velofix co-founder Chris Guillemet. “Elby built a bike that’s designed to meet the needs of a new consumer. How those customers get their hands on that bike should reflect that sensibility.”

Velofix’s Mobile Bike Shops will also be fully trained to service and maintain Elby bikes, creating a complete and convenient experience for new bike owners that will last Elby’s lifetime.

Bike delivery and in-home customer builds through Velofix will start in October throughout North America. Sales of Elby bikes at elbybike.com.


About Elby
Founded in 2015 by automotive industry veterans Frank Stronach and Fred Gingl, Elby is the world’s first one-size-fits-most pedal assist hybrid that’s elegant, intuitive, versatile, and confidence-inspiring from the very first pedal stroke. Designed to address the needs of modern riders with diverse interests, Elby helps level the playing field and paves the way for all types of riders to use a bicycle for transportation and fitness. Beginning in October 2016, long-awaited Elbys will be sold direct to consumers via elbybike.com and through select independent bicycle dealers in the United States and Canada. Join the thousands who already follow Elby on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at @elbybike or with the #ElbyBike hashtag.

About Velofix
Founded with a passion for cycling, mobile bike shop fleet Velofix was launched in Vancouver in 2012 by Chris Guillemet, Boris Martin, and Davide Xausa, who all share that passion for cycling and the common belief that bicycles can help change the world.

Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as “one of the most impressive mobile franchises,” Velofix has also been featured on the CBC’s Dragon’s Den (Canada’s version of Shark Tank), which resulted in Jim Treliving coming on board as an investor. Charles Chang of Lyra Growth Partners has also invested in Velofix. Currently, 60 franchises operate in every major Canadian market and most key American markets. Velofix currently has plans to expand to a total of 150 franchises across North America in 2017.