Duckworth expands award-winning WoolCloud™ insulation line - the natural, sustainable alternative to down and synthetics


Bozeman, Mont. — Duckworth, the only single-source wool apparel company in the world that is growing, spinning, knitting, and sewing its garments 100 percent in the USA expands its award-winning natural and sustainable outerwear line with the introduction of the WoolCloud™ Full Zip Hoody and WoolCloud™ Vest.


WoolCloud™ is a lofty, lightweight insulation with exceptional breathability that regulates your core body temperature in all conditions. The high performance wool insulation was first featured in the WoolCloud™ Snap Shirt, which won the 2014 National Geographic Adventure Gear of the Year award.

To create WoolCloud™ insulation, Duckworth blends fine, lofty, short wool fibers with longer “structural” wool fibers. Duckworth links the fibers together with a natural vegetable derivative, holding the structure together in a “Helical 3D Matrix.” The vegetable polymer is imperceptible, so the wool remains airy, light, and soft, yet highly robust. It doesn’t clump and is washable. The end result is a lightweight, air-trapping insulation that has exceptional breathability, is grown in Montana, and is 100 percent manufactured in the USA.

“Unlike down feathers which are mostly by-products of the food industry and imported from China, our WoolCloud™ insulation is totally renewable season after season - it just grows back,” Duckworth Head of Product Development Graham Stewart said. “WoolCloud™ insulation can compete with down and synthetic fills in most conditions and excels in many specialized applications.”

Retailers and distributors are invited to view the entire Duckworth collection at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, inside the Venture Out area at booth #VO105.


About Duckworth

Duckworth products are inspired by the roots of outdoor life. Duckworth’s premium wool garments are designed to weather the rigors of daily use in the mountains, basins, and waters of North America. Quality, durability, and comfort are paramount, assured by the pedigree of our Helle Rambouillet wool fibers and yarns, which we actively manage at every stage of handling. Duckworth-designed products reflect their users’ time-tested approach to work and life: Acta Non Verba - earn respect by your actions, not only your words. Duckworth is a source-verified apparel brand with ownership of the raw material. Provenance is a point of pride.

Duckworth - Grown, Spun, Knit, Sewn in the USA.



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