Duckworth Delivers VaporWool™


A breakthrough in merino wool technology provides year-round comfort.

Bozeman, Mont. — Duckworth, the only single source wool apparel company in the world growing, spinning, knitting, and sewing its fabrics 100 percent in the USA, is proud to deliver its first patent-pending fabric VaporWool™. The new summer fabric will be available in a variety of styles this month at Duckworth retailers and online at


VaporWool™ is a lightweight, fast-wicking, warm-weather wool fabric that can be used for endurance activities where sweat management and quick drying are critical.

Duckworth creates VaporWool™ by combining fine micron Helle Rambouillet wool with a blend of recycled polyester and plant cellulose from sustainable Beechwood. The result is a lightweight, highly breathable, and ultra fast wicking fabric that works like blotting paper. The jersey fabric delivers a natural cooling-sensation due to the evaporation effect that kicks in during exercise.

The science behind this development is a result of early work by Dutch physicist Johannes van der Waals. His thermodynamic research was the basis to understanding that hydroxy molecules can affect cooling. In this case, the reaction between wool and cellulose triggers a cooling effect that is naturally occurring when wool (hydrophilic) absorbs moisture and the cellulose (hydrophobic) causes evaporation.

Duckworth will use the VaporWool™ fabric in a variety of styles including tees, tank tops, boxer briefs, hoodies, and a sleeveless hooded T-shirt.

All Duckworth wool is source-verified from the Helle Rambouillet ranch in the mountains of Montana. It is then carefully spun, knit, and sewn entirely in the USA. It is shrink resistant without the use of chemicals.

About Duckworth

Duckworth products are inspired by the roots of outdoor life. Our premium wool garments are designed to weather the rigors of daily use in the mountains, basins and waters of North America. Quality, durability, and comfort are paramount, assured by the pedigree of our Helle Rambouillet wool fibers and yarns, which we actively manage at every stage of handling. Duckworth-designed products reflect their usersʼ time-tested approach to work andlife: Acta Non Verba - earn respect by your actions, not only your words. Duckworth is a source-verified apparel brand with ownership of the raw material. Provenance is a point of pride.

Duckworth - Grown, Spun, Knit, Sewn in the USA.

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