David Wise Slackline Industries Athlete Tops Freeski Superpipe Podium at 2015 Dew Tour

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David Wise Slackline Industries Athlete Tops Freeski Superpipe Podium at 2015 Dew Tour

Louisville, CO (December 17, 2015) – David Wise emerged on the top of the podium at the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour at Breckenridge, Colorado on Sunday December 13, 2015 taking home first place in Freeski Superpipe.

As a member of the Slackline Industries ambassador team David Wise honed his on-snow skills with the help of slackline training. The professional free-skier partnered with Slackline Industries to create his signature line designed specifically for action sport athletes.

Wise, who also took gold medal in Men’s Half-pipe at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, credits slacklining as a key piece of his training regimen. Competitive freeskiing and the other action sports Wise pursues demand an awareness of body and balance that is developed through the use of Slackline Industries equipment.

Slackline Industries’ David Wise Signature Line’s is designed with dynamic response in mind to master freestyle tricks. Featuring trampoline-style webbing with a rubber grip, an XL ratchet with mechanical advantage at long lengths and a backup security line, this Wise kit is ready for performance training and tricklining .

The minds behind Slackline Industries are widely credited for bringing slacklining to the mainstream as a tool for athletic training, fun, fitness, adventure and competition. A full collection of individually-designed slacklines are available including lines made for novice recreational users introducing themselves to the sport, fitness lines designed for use as a cross-training tool and expert-athlete lines for competitive tricklining.

Most recently the brand and the community behind it has developed an internationally accepted standard for judging slackline competitions. As the sport has matured internationally, the need for a widely adopted and uniform judging criterion has led to the increased awareness and acceptance of the competitive side of the sport. The new judging criterion has been used in the GoPro Mountain Games and at the ITAIPU Slackline World Cup in Brazil.

More information on Slackline Industries, David Wise’s Signature Line and the international judging criterion can be found at the slacklineindustries.com or by contacting Patrick Brown at Pale Morning Media by email at patrick@palemorning.com.

About Slackline Industries

The sport of slacklining has come a long way and the personalities and minds behind Slackline Industries have been there at every step. Shaping the future of the sport with innovative designs, simple set-ups and safety at the root of all their products, Slackline Industries has its finger on the pulse of the sport. With an international community of professionals and enthusiasts behind them, Slackline Industries retooled and codified competitive slacklining leading to a widely adopted international standard for the sport. In addition to competition, slacklining has been adopted by the fitness community as a unique, challenging and dynamic tool for whole body workouts as well as simple backyard fun.