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CHAOS Headwear Trends 2017

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado. December 6th, 2016. Chaos Headwear, makers of high quality headwear in North America and worldwide, is again on the forefront for leading 2017 accessory trends with its latest headwear, gloves, and scarves for men, women and kids.

From 1953-2016 Dogree Fashions Ltd. has been making hats. That's 63 years of rich historical heritage from which to draw inspiration; 63 years of passionate commitment to helping Canadians through the challenges of ‘The Great White North's’ extreme weather. That's 63 years of experience in creating cold-weather accessories, and having fun doing it.

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Chaos takes great pride in their globally inspired full headwear collection. World Beat headwear is a mix of eclectic looks ranging from street, to modern and classic. World Beat will have the hat for that - inside and out, day and night, fall or winter.


The LUX collection for men and women features sophisticated neutrals to rich colors, dynamic jacquards, and dyed poms in faux and fur. Chaos designers blend sumptuous yarns of cashmere, alpaca, and Merino wools with ‘soft-hand’ fibers to realize their unique vision. Items in this collection are as comfortable to wear as they are striking in any winter setting: après-ski, winter days and nights, work and holidays.


Introducing ALPIN by Chaos 2017

Dogree, through our Chaos brand, will enter yet another phase of its evolution with the introduction of our Alpin collection, a snowsport-specific category, which rounds out our four-season offering.

New technologies for 2017

In 2016 we added a ‘magic machine’ to the Dogree Mill in Montreal,’ a knitting machine that is able to quickly produce complicated seamless designs in-house. This new process allows the Brand to respond quickly to customers and offer unique designs with superior comfort and detailing.

Because of our far reach, Chaos is able to source multiple fibers from around the world. Chaos incorporates these into the various collections, making the added effort to source from vendors that comply with non-mulesed wool and animal fair treatment. Blends of fine fiber lightweight merino and light weight cashmere for the warmer winters continue to be popular. The collections continue to offer the super soft polyamides, acrylic and space dyed wool blends. LUX follows a trend that is more unisex, cleaner and stripped down, but still reflects our deep yearning for the simplicity of the past. We are seeing vintage 70’s and 80’s shapes as an important statement in accessories. While in recent years the industry has spent a great deal of time perfecting fits and engineering sophisticated patterns, we are seeing—at least in knit accessories collections—a return to simple, less fussy designs.

Top trends categories in our collection for F17 include:


A post-retro style emerges featuring minimalism and maximalism. Function informs fashion, knitwear gets more sporty, and reconfigured construction is key. The hand-made influences the mass-produced: authenticity goes mainstream with artisan stitches, artful disrepair and imperfectly mixed materials incorporated into mass-produced items.

Color: This palette is characterized by a sense of balance, with colors that are varied but complementary: soft blue smoke is counter balanced by weightier teal; rose dust sits comfortably next to coral; green jasper - the palette's darkest color - is offset by lighter billiard green. These colors work well together or with other ranges, offering diverse choices for tonal or contrast pairings.


Fabric trends in the women’s collection include metallic, Lurex yarn, cosmetic pastels, and light weight cashmere fabrics (responding to warmer winters worldwide).

In QUIETUDE Men, the theme is expressed in checks and composite mixes, twists on tweeds, architectural structure, vintage denim, blocks and stripes.



ECLECTIC explores the increasingly visceral urge for direct contact with nature. Textures are reminiscent of animal skins, stitches are organic and free-form, and autumnal heritage knits are updated with a new focus on comfort and performance.

Natural colors are saturated with richness and depth. This palette references not just the falling leaves of autumn and the changing color of the forest, but also bright winter berries, root vegetables, and ripened autumn fruit. We also present a core palette that provides base colors to build collections around.

Chaos now owns a “magic machine” that allows complicated patterns to be easily produced in-house to respond to fast changing trends. The Butterfly Magic Jacquard collection, shown below, is one example of what this machine can do. Other trends within Eclectic include combinations of Tibetan yarn, psychedelic marbles, marled wool, folk flora, and fairy tale romantic florals.

In the Eclectic unisex collections these colors and patterns are expressed in blended earth greens, natural grains, nostalgic classics, and chameleon camo. These rich tones complement the sophisticated neutral tones in men’s LUX.


ALPIN by Chaos

Dogree, through our Chaos brand, will enter yet another phase of its evolution with the introduction of our Alpin collection, a snowsport-specific category that rounds out our four-season offering. Drawing from our vast cold-weather experience and deep understanding of product design and development, Alpin by Chaos translates the authenticity of merino wool into a thoroughly modern, yet affordable, headwear collection for passionate winter sport enthusiasts of all ages. Clean lines, comfort, quality, value, and, above all, function are the hallmarks of the Alpin collection.


Gloves 2017

The gloves are, first and foremost, highly practical, as well as fashionable. They alIow wearers to eat or do anything that requires dexterity, such as writing or texting, while keeping the rest of the hand warm.

The fingerless glove has become a staple of most women's fall/winter wardrobes, and can be mixed and matched with any casual look, tucked under the sleeves or, recently, paired with bracelets or rings. Knitted fingerless gloves are a key fall/winter accessory trend, with Chanel leading the pack with a range of fingerless knitted or tweed gloves. Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Nicholas K showed many as well.

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WORLD BEAT - Chaos Kids

Our WORLDBEAT junior collection is inspired by the beautifully unspoiled imagination of a child. Whether it’s a funny looking monster or a kitty astronaut, we bring their wildest creations to life through fun and colorful accessories that they will love to wear, and parents can trust to keep their little ones warm on blustery winter days. We know how fussy kids can be, so we pay extra-special attention to our fits. We use only yarns that feel good against their skin and warm and cozy liners for extra warmth. 

Kid hat


Through close partnership with our wool suppliers, we have sourced alternative merino wools that we can verify are 100% non-mulesed. The merino used for our Alpin collection is purchased from South Africa, and is fully certified through WTB (Wool Testing Bureau S.A.). Our merino wool is blended with nylon and acrylic for increased durability and a luxurious softness that beats almost anything on the market.


All hats in the Alpin collection are fully lined with a unique blend of fleece that combines the luxury and performance of merino wool with the stretch and comfort of lycra, creating a hat of superior fit, comfort, and warmth.

Merino fibers can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor then move it away to evaporate into the air, making Merino wool clothing extremely breathable and less prone to clamminess. In contrast to synthetics, Merino is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.


Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with global offices in the USA, Europe and Asia – the Chaos and CTR headwear brands, conceived more than 15 years ago, has evolved into a foremost accessory collection of fashion and ‘cold-weather’ technical headwear. The brand is sold throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For over sixty years, Do-Gree Fashions Ltd., the parent company of Chaos & CTR Headwear has ensured that all their customers’ needs have been serviced by the most comprehensive program of fashion and performance winter and summer headwear to be found globally. ChaosHats.comTwitter: Chaos Hats/ Facebook: Chaos Headwear – Mania. Contact: Beth Cochran