POLL: Was Marmot’s Super Bowl ad good, clean fun, or epic fail?


Marmot’s first Super Bowl ad aired to mixed reviews, according to reactions on social media and major news outlets that ranked and reviewed ads throughout the evening.

While many thought the marmot was adorable, including The Oregonian, which said was one of the best commercials, the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post ranked it as one of the worst ads of the evening, up there with Mountain Dew’s horrifying “Puppy Monkey Baby.”

The 30-second Marmot ad, reportedly costing about $5 million for the spot, featured a cute marmot adventuring in the wild with a Marmot-clad man to the Flight of the Conchords song “Friends.” It was all fun and games until the man went in for a kiss – “Fall in love with the great outdoors” – and got slapped – “I’m not that kind of marmot.”

In the extended version of the ad, it’s clearly established the marmot is a male. Before the Super Bowl, Marmot released tiny teasers, including one of the marmot peeing off the side of a cliff. It was “one long no-homo joke,” The Washington Post wrote in a scathing review. The Chicago Tribune ranked it as one of the five worst commercials.

What do you think?