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  • S.O.S. in a Nalgene: A message in a Nalgene bottle sent down the Arroyo Seco River saved a family in need when waters were high and fierce along the waterfall section earlier this summer. Hikers found the bottle, reported it, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) – Coastal Division Air Operations rescued the family the next morning.
  • Transit to Trails Act: Introduced last week in the House and Senate, this legislation would provide block grants for transportation for low-income communities to visit public lands. "With this crucial investment, we can expand access to the outdoors for people across the nation and lessen the burden of polluting car trips on our delicate, sacred public lands," the Sierra Club wrote in support.
  • Get psyched for ski season: The second full-feature ski film by The Faction Collective, in co-production with Red Bull Media House, drops this fall. 
  • The Denver Merchandise Mart is a hub for outdoor brands: “Outdoor recreation, CBD, craft breweries. All the stuff that Colorado is now is definitely what the Mart wants to attract. We have the space. They have a need to gather for business. And what the Mart knows how to do is facilitate commerce. I think the outdoor realm is starting to see the benefits of being in a place like this and we are getting the critical mass we need.”
  • Gender equity in California: A new bill just signed into law requires sports competitions held on public lands—from cycling to running—to offer equal prize money for men and women.
  • Listen: 1% for the Planet's podcast finale dropped last week. Alex Honnold is a guest.
  • Camber Outdoors opened the application process for The Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring Program, a cross-company, cross-industry mentoring initiative in the active-outdoor industries that facilitates one-on-one learning and leadership development between director/manager-level and director/executive-level women. The deadline is Oct. 8.
  • North America expansion: On Sept. 28, Maloja is opening its first flagship store in Stowe, Vermont. The Bavarian Alps brand makes apparel for winter sports, cycling, and more.
  • Weird wildlife news: A man who tried to fight a grizzly bear in Banff National Park was fined $4,000.