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  • The tornado of 1999: Twenty years ago this weekend, as the outdoor industry gathered in Salt Lake City to Summer Market 1999, a freak tornado ripped through the city, destroying one of the pavilion tents set up across the street from the Salt Palace. It killed Allen A. Crandy, a man from Las Vegas who advocated for the rights of those with autism. More than 220 exhibitors suddenly had no booths, but the show team worked together with other stakeholders and found homes inside the Salt Palace for all the displaced companies. The show went on, and the outdoor industry came together like never before or since in the wake of so much destruction. It was a true testament to our community. Were you on the ground for the tornado of 1999? What are your tornado memories?
  • National Parks tool: A designer and engineer created a visualization using visitor data from 54 national parks between 2013 and 2019 to show the peak visiting times for people using different types of lodging. His images may help people decide when to visit the parks.
  • Video: A mountain biker fought off a grizzly bear while on a ride in a remote part of British Columbia near Mount Doogie Dowler.
  • Save the animals: The Trump administration today announced changes to the Endangered Species Act, including lessening the protections threatened species receive and making harder to measure the effects of climate change. The news comes following a report that 30,000 species worldwide are at risk of going extinct.
  • Discussion brewing: A Retail Wire writer poses the question to readers, "Do you think The North Face is making a smart move by going 'experiential' in all of its locations nationwide? Are features like in-store museums worth the investment in areas outside of flagship stores such as the one in SoHo?"
  • Take action: Today was supposed to be the deadline to comment on the U.S. Forest Service's plan to cut the public out of the planning process. But the agency extended it to Aug. 26, so there's still time to speak for the trees.
  • Full Stack Supply Co., parent of Faction Skis and FW Apparel, named two new senior executives to its North American team and announced the grand opening of its new headquarters and showroom in Denver, Colorado. Henrik Lampert joins as N.A. marketing manager and Ryan Guay joins as N.A. head of sales development.