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  • Now in the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, the National Park Foundation is accepting donations to repair damage to national parks. For example, in Joshua Tree, at least two trees were cut or knocked down. The foundation is also looking for volunteers.
  • YETI's preliminary Fiscal Year 2018 report shows healthy growth when compared to Fiscal Year 2017. Net sales increased 22 percent to $778.8 million; YETI’s guidance had called for net sales to increase between 19 percent and 20 percent.
  • Because of significant investments from its new parent company, Royal Robbins is poised for a brand transformation. The brand hired 11 key new personnel in the last six months, opened a new global headquarters in downtown San Francisco, and moved its distribution operations into a new distribution facility in Louisville, Colorado. 
  • BACKPACKER is looking for a team of two to hire for the ultimate summer job.
BACKPACKER Road team job posting
  • This family of nine took #vanlife to a new level. Since September 2017, the family has trekked around the country in a converted school bus. The pictures are awesome.
  • The future of mountain guiding is women, according to climber Shelma Jun. "There is so much power in women teaching women," Jun writes in her blog for Arc'teryx. It helps to reinforce the idea that we, as women, can be the experts, the decision makers and the teachers in the outdoors."
  • Outdoor Industry Association was in Montana this weekend.