Industry Buzz: National Summit Day, Purist, Enwild, gear pop up, class-action lawsuit, Pattie Gonia, and more

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  • BACKPACKER celebrated its second annual National Summit Day on Saturday. Editors reached the top of Mt. Neva at 12,821 feet. If you share pictures of your hike, you could be featured in the magazine.
  • New pop-up gear shop: Two women in Duluth open Great Lakes Gear Exchange every month, providing customers with consignment outdoor gear. They hope to expand.
  • Retailer rebrand: E-commerce retailer Backcountry Edge, based in Pennsylvania, is now known as Enwild.
  • Purist has partnered with p:ear, a long-standing organization that mentors homeless youth in Portland, Oregon. The partnership marking the first step of a project aimed at amplifying the messages of non-profit organizations focused on issues such as social justice, youth development, sustainable farming, and other causes.
  • Inclusivity in the outdoors: Our favorite backcountry drag queen Pattie Gonia had a refreshing encounter this weekend in the wild.