Hydrade Sports Drink

It's about time that the big grocery store thirst-quenching drink brands got a challenge, and Hydrade -- although initially only rolling out in a few select markets next month -- could offer that

It's about time that the big grocery store thirst-quenching drink brands got a challenge, and Hydrade -- although initially only rolling out in a few select markets next month -- could offer that with its totally new concept, from flavor, to ingredients, to even really trendy packaging.

First of all, the package -- it's a very Euro-looking pouch with a small nozzle at the top for slurping out the liquid. (A couple of younger testers called them "rad," and that will be music to the founders' ears since they are looking at the younger Red Bull market as an audience.) We like that it can collapse as you drink it. Great for packing along. We however don't like that they aren't recyclable and will add a lot of waste to our landfills. One tester voiced the same concern.

Next, the flavor -- it's a full, fruity zing that sort of explodes in your mouth. We thought it would be overkill, but when you're thirsty, the fruity sweetness is really satisfying. But make sure it's cold. Several testers independently compared the in-your-face flavor to those push-up frozen stick-like Popsicles every kid has sucked down on hot days. There is a sensation of carbonation, but there is none, and we liked that. Now, all that said, we're not sure we'd want this much flavor in the middle of a hard or intense workout or other aerobically challenging adventure. But for general thirst or post-workout, these could be nice.

Lastly, the special ingredient -- Glycerol is inside and it isn't mentioned on the label. It's the secret ingredient that science has shown to help the body retain its water better and therefore keep you better hydrated. This ain't something that your lawn-mowing neighbor will care about, but it may help them in the long run.

Suggested retail: Similar to Gatorade, which varies by outlet


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