Q Factor™ by Spenco®

Specifically designed for women’s unique Q-angle

Specifically designed for women's unique Q-angle needs and provides targeted foot support and comfort cushioning. The result is better body alignment and improved balance, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Excellent for athletic and active footwear. Five sizes fit women's 3-12.


Performance Gel by Spenco®

Designed to maximize performance while providing ultimate cushioning. True heel cupping stabilizes and correctly positions the foot for proper fit. Antimicrobial Top Cloth helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduces friction. Seven sizes fit youth, men's 6-15, women's 3-12. ...read more

Day Hiker by Spenco®

For outdoor enthusiasts that are spending the day walking trails and hiking over light terrain. This level of outdoor participation needs a footbed with extra cushioning and support to help you experience more – more comfortably. ...read more

French Konnexion by Kinetic Koffee

One of five wonderful roasts by Kinetic Koffee 100% certified organic Peru French Roast roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency. Very smooth cup, balanced hazelnut and caramel with a subtle chocolate undertone. Kinetic Koffee supports the environment by ...read more

Q-210C Elliptical by Quantum Fitness

The Q-210C Elliptical by Quantum Fitness has Predefined Programs: Manual, Random, Hill, Interval, 10K, Weight Loss Heart Rate Controlled Programs: Fat Burn, Cardio, Interval, Hill, Speed Fitness Test Personal Profile Storage: Personal Set-Up Data, Workout Time, Total Distance ...read more

Kidsport nutrition bar

Why not a bar for kids? This bar’s creators point out that for young kids (about ages 7 to 10), the mix of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional additives in normal adult sports nutrition bars can be an overload for their littler bodies and lower needs. Good point. So these ...read more

Honey Stinger Gel

Buzz, buzz, yes, this is a sports gel that is honey, pure and simple. What an idea! These contain a very smooth honey that goes down in one glistening swallow without the harshness many may connect with off-the-counter honey. Yes, it's just as sweet, but that mild smoothness is a ...read more

PolySorb® Cross Trainer by Spenco®

Designed for all athletic activities to provide maximum cushioning and energy return. Special cushioning in both the heel strike zone and the forefoot area for outstanding performance. Helps turn any athletic shoe into a total performance and comfort shoe. Seven sizes fit ...read more

MoJo by Clif Bar

Clif himself might argue that we are mistaken to have placed this new product in this sports nutrition review when the company is very adamant that it is a SNACK bar, something that would get picked up instead of, say, trail mix. We think the spokespeople are saying that because ...read more

PolySorb® Low Profile by Spenco®

Great for Sport Fusion, tight fitting shoes and Ultra-Lite Running. Special “heel strike” cushioning delivers optimum shock absorption for repetitive rear foot impact. Seven sizes fit youth, men's 6-15, women's 3-10. ...read more