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Last week, the new SNEWS team got to see Outdoor Retailer from a new perspective. It was the first time Editor-in-Chief Kristin Hostetter worked with the Outdoor Retailer Daily team, and the first time Assistant Editor Kassondra Cloos ever attended the show.

It was a fun challenge for us and for the seasoned ORD team, and all the hard work paid off. We got up early and stayed up late, and we're proud of the five magazines we published in the five days of the show. We interviewed Sally McCoy, the departing CEO of CamelBak. We featured a tribute to the legendary, beloved Skip Yowell. We wrote about Terry Tempest Williams' call to action, the threats the National Park System faces even in its most celebrated year and educational sessions to help you improve your business or get one started and we brought you the best from the show floor.

As excited as we are to present the digital magazines to you, we're also excited to hear your feedback. What did you like? What didn't you like? What were we missing and what could we do without? Give us your criticism and help us make Summer Market 2016's dailies the best set yet. Find us on Facebook and Twitter and email us at and

Read them here:

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Day 0 - Selling Safety: Can the industry craft a unified plan to save lives in the backcountry?


Day 1 - Farewell, sweet hippie: Skip Yowell, 1946 - 2015


Day 2 - Parks prophet: Terry Tempest Williams calls for action

Day 3 - Boot Roots: Royal Robbins co-founder returns to strengthen heritage


Day 4 - The Real McCoy: Departing CamelBak CEO Sally McCoy womansplains the industry